What is the Best Day to Shop at Aldi?

The best day to shop at Aldi … revealed!

If you have recently discovered Aldi stores, you may have noticed that on certain days, some of the Aldi shelves seem a bit bare.

Or, maybe you have joined a discussion group like our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group, and you feel like you never seem to find all of the great items that others are posting.

If that’s the case, it could be that you are just are not going to Aldi on a day when new Aldi Finds items are stocked.

So what day of the week is the new stuff released at Aldi? Read on for the answer!

Limited-time Items at Aldi

Aldi Shopping Cart

One of the things you need to understand about Aldi is that they get items in on a weekly basis that are basically only a one-shipment item for the store.

These are the “Aldi Finds” you see in Aldi’s weekly ads. Aldi’s business model is built on bringing you back to the store each week to get the new stuff.

And know that when you see it, you need to grab it, because you won’t see it again for awhile or, potentially, ever.

That’s why Aldi’s motto for its Aldi Finds is “Here today, gone tomorrow.” You will see that printed on shelf cards and signs throughout your Aldi store.

Best Day to Shop at Aldi

At most Aldi stores in the USA, the best day to shop is the day that your ad starts.

best day to shop at aldi

And for the majority of Aldi stores, that day is Wednesday.

A couple of things to note about finding the new stuff at Aldi:

Some regions have Aldi ads that start on Sunday. While the majority of stores start on Wednesday, and Aldi’s marketing efforts are geared toward Wednesday ad starts, there are the lucky few stores that get their new Aldi Finds for a Sunday ad start.

We have seen Aldi change regions from Sunday start to Wednesday start in the past few years, and we assume the goal is to eventually have everything be a Wednesday start. But, if you are unsure of your ad start date, be sure to pick up a printed ad in store to check the dates, or check your store’s location on the Aldi website.

Some stores put out items earlier than the ad date. While this can be frustrating to shoppers, many store employees and managers say it’s a necessity. Aldi’s business plan that keeps prices low includes stocking the store while it is open and not with overnight shifts like other stores may.

So, since portions of the store have to be re-set basically every week for the new stuff, a lot of that activity happens in the day or two before the official ad sale day.

aldi store

Hot Aldi shopping tip: Befriend the employees at your store, and ask them when they put the new stuff out. They usually have a weekly routine you can learn. In our local store, for example, we never see “middle aisle” home decor, clothing, kitchen gadgets, etc. out before Wednesday morning. However, we can often find the new Aldi Finds food items on Tuesdays or even Mondays.

Another reason that some Aldi stores stock shelves with items early is a space issue — there is not a large storage area in the back of many Aldi stores, so if something comes in early, sometimes the only place to put it is out on store shelves.

We hope this has helped you find the best day to shop at Aldi in your local area! Let us know in the comments if you have any Aldi shopping tips!



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