Ambiano Pressure Cooker

The 6-quart Ambiano Pressure Cooker from Aldi is a bargain when it’s available as an Aldi Find for $49.99. Already have one? Here are 15 of the most popular recipes to cook in your Aldi Pressure Cooker as well as some tips for converting Instant Pot recipes.

Ambiano Pressure Cooker

Ambiano Pressure Cooker

The settings on the Ambiano Pressure Cooker are slightly different than an Instant Pot, so there is a learning curve when it comes to converting recipes. The main difference is there is no manual button, which is what the majority of Instant Pot recipes use for cooking.

We would have snatched up a Pressure Cooker from Aldi if we didn’t already have an Instant Pot because the price difference is considerable.

Aldi Pressure Cooker owners offered some tips for using the Ambiano pressure cooker with Instant Pot recipes.

Ambiano Pressure Cooker Tips

  • Add 1/3 of the cooking time of an Instant Pot recipe when using the Ambiano Pressure Cooker – This is because the Pressure Cooker from Aldi doesn’t reach as high of pressure as an Instant Pot.
  • Instead of pressing the manual button on the Instant Pot and setting the time, use one of the buttons on the Aldi Pressure Cooker that best corresponds with what you’re cooking (Chicken, meat, soup, etc.), then adjust the time according to the recipe. Remember you may need extra cooking time. On average it takes an additional 10 minutes in the Ambiano for every 30 minutes in the Instant Pot.
  • Do not use metal utensils in the 6-quart Pressure Cooker because the inner pot is made of Teflon and can scratch. (Aldi has bamboo cooking utensils for $1.99 so this is an easy fix!).

Aldi also released an 8-quart Ambiano 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker for $59.99 that’s even more similar to an Instant Pot with a yogurt making setting and a stainless steel inner pot. The price point is $20 more but the enhanced features may be worth it for your family — it still beats the price of an Instant Pot with all the bells and whistles!

Remember, Ambiano is an Aldi Private Label Brand and qualifies for returns under the Aldi Return Policy with receipt. If the product fails during its warranty period, and the product is no longer in stock, you may need to contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Here is the user manual with information.

Aldi Pressure Cooker Recipes

All this talk about the Ambiano Pressure Cooker has us hungry, so here are 15 of the most popular pressure cooker recipes to enjoy in your Aldi pressure cooker.

Ambiano Pressure Cooker Recipes

  1. Chicken Noodle Soup – Taste and See
  2. French Dip Sandwiches – One Happy Housewife
  3. Orange Chicken – Sweet & Savory Meals
  4. Sloppy Joes – Recipes from a Pantry
  5. Broccoli Cheese Soup – Mamagourmand
  6. Beef Stew – Salt & Lavender
  7. Baked Potatoes – Cincy Shopper
  8. Mexican Rice Casserole – Mommy Musings
  9. Pulled Pork – Lemon Blossoms
  10. Chicken Tortilla Soup – The Bewitchin Kitchen
  11. Cashew Chicken – A Mom’s Impression
  12. Chicken Piccata – Happy Foods Tube
  13. Spaghetti and Meat Sauce – The Cozy Cook
  14. Kalua Pork – Simply Happy Foodie
  15. Jambalaya – Boulder Locavore


  1. Where can I find accessories for the 8 quart pressure cooker? I need a new rubber ring and would like a pot to put inside. Thank you, Laurie Mozo

    • I had the same problem. I was trying to work it like a regular pressure cooker and expected it to lock into place but it doesn’t really do that. You have to catch it just right so that it lines up and although it does not lock into place, when you get it to the right position, you can just move the little dial to either pressure or non-pressure. It didn’t behave at all like a regular pressure cooker and I wasn’t even sure the stuff was cooking. It came out wonderful. You may have to play around with it OK good luck!

  2. I need a cheesecake recipe how do you make cheesecake in the Ambiano
    8 quart 9 in 1 programmable pressure cooker please

  3. Can i slow cook on fast, Example instead low for 8 hours, can I cook high for 4 hours, how do I set it

  4. I do need help converting from Instant Pot cooking to the Ambiano 9 in 1 pressure cooker. I have been reading about this pot for months, and finally got to buy it today. Sadly, the ‘information’ booklets , Aren’t very! I am determined to learn and use this pressure pot, because I love what the reviewers had to say about the slow cooker feature. The Instant pot’s slow cook function Stinks! Can’t use it for anything! I have 2 Instant Pots, a couple of years apart, and no improvement. So..that is why I am so eager to master This pot. I would appreciate Any help anyone can offer me!

    • The valve is very particular. The steam is super hot,, so I use a wooden spoon (not my fingers!) & push the valve a little more towards the “no steam” picture on the valve until It stops steaming. Easy fix, just a little annoying.

  5. What does it mean if it says 6666? I put soup on & went about my business and next time I looked at it 6666 is on it. Idk what it means? I’m letting it sit because I’m afraid of opening it now.

    • Im using the 6 quart ambiano from aldi .. im new to this appliance .. that being said, my display reads “66” when the cycle is complete. Be sure to release any pressure before trying to open up the cooker

    • Your pressure cooker has succumbed to demon possession. Place Bible on top and repeat hail maries untill pressure disperses.

  6. Good evening, I just got I am not a pot. I’m trying to use the slow cook mode; I just wanted to know if the pressure valve must be open or closed. I don’t think my pot is cooking correctly not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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