Aldi is Selling Fried Apples in a Can, and It’s Giving Us Cracker Barrel Vibes

These cinnamon fried apples are due in Aldi stores the week of Sept. 8!

aldi fried apples with cinnamon in a can

One of our favorite things about eating at a Cracker Barrel is not the golf tee brain teaser games on the table (though those are cool), or the fact that you can shop while you wait for a table (though that is pretty awesome). It’s not the sugar-cured ham (though we love that!) or that delicious hashbrown casserole (though we get it every time!).

Nope. It’s the apples.

That little dish of sweet, soft, cinnamon-y (is that a word?) fried apples that comes with some breakfasts and as a side dish is sooooo good. It feels like cheating because it’s so sweet that it really should be considered dessert, yet they will bring it to you with your meal — kind of like those Jell-O dishes our moms passed off as “salads” in the 70s and 80s.

Those cinnamon apples are almost worth a trip to Cracker Barrel right now. They’re definitely worth a trip to Aldi.

Check this out!

aldi fried apples with cinnamon

They’re in a can!

These Fried Apples with Cinnamon are an Aldi Find for the week of Sept. 8th, 2021, if your store’s ad starts on Wednesday, or Sept. 5, if your store’s ad starts on Sunday.

They are sold under the brand name Sweet Harvest – one of Aldi’s private labels.

We are eager to give these a try, to see if they live up to the Cracker Barrel favorite!

Have you had fried apples in a can before? Let us know in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

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