Does Aldi Have a Phone Number?

Aldi Phone Number – Looking for a phone number for your local Aldi? Here’s what you need to know!

aldi phone number

Aldi Phone Number

If you’ve been searching high and low for a local Aldi phone number and have come up short, there’s a reason why — Aldi doesn’t publish phone numbers for their individual stores.

That might sound extreme for a company with over 1900 stores in the U.S., but there’s a reason, and it all goes back to why Aldi is so cheap.

Aldi doesn’t have store phone numbers because they only have a handful of employees working in a store at a time. This keeps cashiers at the register and stockers putting new products on the shelves without interruption. It also eliminates the need for an extra employee, which is key to keeping prices low.

The good news is that there are numbers you can call to reach an Aldi representative. The numbers listed below are not local numbers for individual stores, but rather customer and corporate numbers for questions, concerns and comments.

Aldi Customer Service Phone Number

The Aldi customer service number is 800-325-7894 – which is available Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm EST.

This is the number you should use for any customer service issues, including recall info. You will have the option to speak to a live person.

While we haven’t had to use this Aldi phone number, it’s been reported on our Facebook community that you can call and speak to a representative and ask about specific product availably at stores in your area.

This may be helpful if you’re looking for a particular item and don’t have time to visit multiple stores.

Aldi Corporate Number

Aldi also has a corporate number which may be used for customer service issues or to speak to corporate employees (You would need to know the extension for the latter).  The number is 630-879-8100 and the hours are Monday-Friday, 9am – 5:30pm EST.

Here are a few other ways to contact Aldi.



  1. I waited in line at Aldi today for the sheets that are advertised after finally getting in there were no sheets. This is false advertising. Not happy at all

  2. You have some special bathroom scales for 29.95 advertised from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th January I visited two stores they didn’t have any in store I was told they should arrive Saturday not happy

  3. Aldi is the same in Australia. False advertising No phone number for complaints Staff are rude Aldi is just a second rate outfit they were building something here that was good and strong but now it is falling apart.

    • Yes we are buying less and less because the shelves are not stocked by 8.30 start. Bread milk vegetables, all basics but not available. Was told that they havebreduced staff hours from 1 to 1/2 hoir before opening. They used to be a great store but reliability of basics is now Bad.

  4. Can some one call me about a milk product that is bad mouldy and can make people ill.
    Tony Hatton
    Bowral NSW

  5. Looking for your hooded microfibres workout towels that I saw in your archives 2020. Wanted to know if you still had these?

  6. just visited the new Aldi Store in Prudhoe Northumberland

    Several things caused me serious concern and one truly shocked me.

    1. There is little value in asking customers to keep their distance if they are having to navigate around very large stacked trays on wheels manned by one, two or even three staff members restocking shelves, blocking aisles, maintaining less than a foot between themselves, chatting and laughing while they work.
    No aisle should have more than one of these. They force customers to pause and have to move slowly to navigate the obstruction in aisles that are not that wide to start with. Customers are exposed to stationary staff members, laughing and chatting at volume. Aldi cant not know that such activity contributes significantly to viral transmission and I am amazed that staff are not wearing visors in addition to masks to protect people passing and themselves.

    2. Aldi has returned to locked slots for all trolleys. There is no one cleaning these trolleys, despite their decision to charge for them. Customers have to manipulate contaminated coin slots and receive coins handled by someone else.

    3. Worst of all: All chilled goods (bacon, meats, cheese, butter yoghurts etc) are in closed cabinets.
    You can see for a distance that at least half a dozen people have handled the door handles before you and very probably several hundred before you ever arrived to shop. I have never seen this anywhere else I shop. It is truly mind boggling because these are not exclusive items, they are just regular needs for any family.

    I am a doctor, I wear a visor and mask to enter any supermarket. I take a lot of care. But nothing I do could have protected me from the risks presented all round this store.

    Aldi has been consistently and hugely profitable throughout a period of grief and hardship for most people. This store was months in the planning most of which time a pandemic raged.

    But it seems Aldi doesn’t see beyond profits.
    Aldi could have made the trolleys available with no charge.
    Aldi could have employed desperately needy young people to clean them and perhaps recover strays.

    It’s outrageous but also sad. And finally, Aldi doesn’t offer you a service to complain on line. They think its fine to ask people who just about go out for essentials to write them letter and visit a post office to post it.

    • I wore disposable gloves and occasionally still do. Being a doctor you should have had regular and ready access to them. They were easy to come by here in the states during the worst of the pandemic and still are today. If you truly wanted to protect yourself and others you would have come to this conclusion on your own. Several places here in the states had boxes of gloves setting out by their entry ways along with masks for people to use at their discretion. I’m not sure where you’re located, but it seems that would have been an easy solution there as well. I don’t understand why people have to complain all the time when they could look for Solutions on their own.

  7. When is Aldi moving to Hobart Tasmania? Can I order online and have it delivered to Tasmania. Do you have free postage if you spend a certain amount? Is there some way to talk to someone.?

  8. Just got back from Aldi Rhodes and realise they overcharged me for something that I didn’t even gave. There is no way to contact them.

  9. I really like Aldi & all the employee’s at store I shop at in Tampa. However I get very upset when I realize I have purchased items including food & hand sanitizers that are made in China. If I discover this I always return for a refund. But recently I came to discover that 4 packs of variety fruit is made in China. Many products only show where they are sold & distributed exclusively by Aldi but does not state where they are made. This is upsetting to me that you do not disclose. In addition I highly dislike your Radiance products like dish soap & disinfectant wipes. The dish soap causes the skin on my knuckles to split. Cashiers should disinfect hands after handing any time money before handling products I am taking home. Conveyors should be disinfected when customers place their own shopping bags on them as I have seen customers place their bags on the floor while waiting in line. This is discusting! I love your prices & much more but not what I mentioned above.

  10. Aldi at Victor Harbor SouthAustralia are always out of trolley wipes have notified staff of this for the last 6 weeks their excuse is….the customers pull them out too fast…really! Also there is no check in on the way in , apparently you check out when leaving…if you can find the list,…which is on the far checkout no pens…no hand sanitiser. This has been reported to the Covid Marshall, no response.

  11. Hi, I know Aldi have been granted A1 licence in Bourne lincs. Could you please tel me the road name and location where a new Aldi will open.

    Also could you please tel me a time scale?



  12. I never seen or met a male staff working in Aldi at Caroline Spring Shopping centre right now is extremely RUDE.

    Personally, I feel that the man must not work in your store to behave with costumer like that.

    I have reported that to store supervisor and serving an another male staff at the counter.

    I feel like I will never visit your shop again because of that unprofessional, rude and lower class staff.


  13. I absolutely agree with all of the above comments except 1…I personally find the workers in our stores to be lovely people.
    Whilst personally I think that the Australian Govt’s recent behaviour toward covid would be considered across the world to be bullying, ridiculous, totally unnecessary and illegal…YES ILLEGAL…
    I am horrified that as an American company supposedly in Australia using Australian products (yeah right) and following Australian laws (hahahaha) that Aldi aren’t keeping to even the most basic of cleansing/sanitising practices.
    My complaint is this… they have a website that tells one to go to various places to find information…OMG…it is a home.
    I think I could do a better job designing and updating their website…either way, I still don’t know if the Special order tents that are supposed to have arrived today (15th September 2021)have arrived or not because…hey…guess what…no details are on their website.
    I don’t want to know about them next week, I want to know about them today.
    I’ve just had a back procedure, I can’t walk or drive so this information was important to us today.
    Like another shopper said above, I shop at Aldi less and less because contact is non existent, website is totally unreliable (useless world be a better word)and products are few and far between these days…and I live in a very busy suburban area.
    Aldi…you shouldn’t have a Shame Aisle (whatever that is) you should have a very public Page Of Shame for your business.

  14. Purchased stuffing mix that was supposedly to be $.69. Rang up $.79 told the cashier he looked at ad then called someone, she looked at ad then said it was only the chicken kind. I looked at ad again and it stated “assorted varieties “. I told the clerk, his nasty mean self said “I’m not going to change it!” You want me to take it off? I said no. I guess the woman can’t read! They were just rude!

  15. I have being a client of Whindham Aldi since open here and it’s terrible to see the cashiers abuse the customers cuming out to check if you are taking something. Yesterday a woman cashier come out to check this old lady and talking loud to her and make her cry y ask her name.Miss Minx

  16. I really have never shopped at ALDI. I live in Southern California US. I have never been terribly impressed with the store mainly because their products are funky and look bad even in the ads so living in a kind of affluent neighborhood I am really surprised they are still in business. My problem is I ordered some items for pick up and they don’t have the main item I wanted so I wanted to cancel the order or add a different brand. No luck getting a hold of someone so I am stuck. and need to go to another place. Wont happen again as I am done with this store.


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