13 February Aldi Food Finds to Add to Your List

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The February Aldi Food Finds include lobster tails for Valentine’s Day dinners, keto-friendly pizzas, and much more!

Aldi is giving our New Year’s resolutions a nod during the month of February, but also bringing us some treats for Valentine’s Day indulgences.

february aldi food finds

You will find lots of limited-buy Asian flavors in the food aisles, as well as some Italian food at the end of the month.

Let’s take a look at 13 of the most interesting February Aldi Food Finds!

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Park Street Deli Sous Vide Egg Bites – $2.79

starbucks dupe egg bites

These egg bites are keto friendly, with 19 grams of protein and 3 grams of carbs. They are dupes for the popular (and pricey!) menu item at Starbucks. These February Aldi Food Finds are available in two flavors: Bacon Swiss or Spinach Feta. Available Feb. 10.

L’oven Fresh Hawaiian Bagels – $1.99

aldi hawaiian bagels

If you love Hawaiian sweet bread, Aldi is bringing us a breakfast version. We love the ever-changing selection of bagels at Aldi, and these are no exception. Available 2/3.

Breakfast Best Meatballs – $4.99

bacon egg and cheddar cheese meatballs

As long as we’re talking breakfast, have you ever had a breakfast meatball? Aldi is bringing us two flavors of these interesting items: Bacon, Egg and Cheese, or French Toast and Maple Syrup. We’re intrigued! Available 2/10.

Southern Grove Chickpea Snacks – $2.99

chickpea snacks

Crunchy roasted chickpeas have gained popularity recently as a healthy snack. We love them as a salad topping! These chickpea snacks are available in two flavors: Sea Salt or BBQ. Available 2/17.

Specially Selected Croissant Buns – $3.49

specially selected croissant buns

Last month, Aldi brought us croissant bread, and now our favorite store is back with croissant buns. These will be perfect for some indulgent sandwiches — like the beloved Aldi cranberry chicken salad, maybe? Or perhaps hot ham and havarti? We could come up with endless combos for these! Available 2/10.

Mama Cozzi’s Jalapeno Popper Pizza – $3.99

jalapeno popper pizza

Seriously, Aldi? This pizza is the stuff of our dreams! Garlic sauce, topped with jalapeno and green peppers, cheese and bread crumbs? Yes, please! Available 2/24.

Specially Selected North Atlantic Lobster Tails – $12.99

lobster tails at Aldi

If you’re staying in this year for Valentine’s Day, these February Aldi Food Finds will make your dinner special. Available 2/3.

Benton’s Keto Cookies – Available 2/17

aldi keto cookies

These crunchy keto-friendly cookies have just 2 grams of net carbs per serving! They are available in two flavors: Double Chocolate or Chocolate Chip. Available 2/17.

Barissimo Caramel Creme or Cinnamon Spice Ground Coffee – $3.79

cinnamon spice coffee

Aldi is bringing us a couple of warm flavors of coffee this February. These ground coffee bags come in two flavors: Cinnamon Spice or Caramel Creme. Available 2/10.

Mama Cozzi’s Keto Friendly Roasted Veggie Deli Pizza – $6.99

keto pizza at Aldi

The take and bake pizzas are a great deal, and during February, Aldi is bringing us a Keto-friendly version! It is topped with roasted and grlled veggies, and we’re thinking this is a must try! Available 2/17.

Specially Selected Brioche Everything Bagels – $3.29

everything brioche bagels

We are convinced that anything brioche we buy at Aldi is going to be great. Top it off with Aldi’s Everything Bagel seasoning, and we believe these bagels will be over-the-top good! Available 2/10.

Savoritz Taco Waves Crackers – $1.99

taco wave crackers

These crunchy cheese crackers promise bold flavor, and we’re up for trying anything taco-flavored! These crackers also come in white cheddar. Available 2/24.ย 

Fuel by Nature Chocolate Dipped Mango – $4.99

chocolate dipped mango

You could dip anything in dark chocolate, and we would probably give it a try. We’re excited for the tropical flavor of this mango and dark chocolate combo. What a great snack! Available 2/24.ย 

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  1. i’ll never find those egg bites or the keto pizza. :/

    i’ve searched WEEKLY for 5 weeks (2x a week on Wednesday & Saturday) as of today lol.

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