Aldi Brioche Buns Now Come With Everything!

These Everything Brioche Buns are sure to spice up your summer cookout!

One of our favorite things in the Aldi bread selection is the line of brioche products. The brioche buns, in particular, are a huge favorite with our Aldi Aisle of Shame Community members, and they are a key component in the Copycat Aldi Chick-fil-a Sandwich.

And then there’s that other Aldi favorite — Stonemill Everything Bagel Seasoning. We love it with eggs, on grilled cheese, in salads, and with, well, everything.

So you can imagine our excitement to learn that Aldi is bringing out Brioche Buns that will come with everything seasoning baked on!

Aldi Everything Brioche Buns

These new sandwich buns will be sold under Aldi’s L’oven Fresh brand. The pictures released by Aldi show an 8-count bag. We would note, though, that the regular brioche buns are sold in different size packaging in different regions of the country.

The buns will be advertised for the week starting June 24, so look for them toward the end of June 2020.

These Aldi Finds will only be in store for a limited time. We would note, though, that we frequently freeze brioche buns, with no adverse results to their taste or texture. So, we’re planning to pick up a couple of bags and freeze some for later!

What will you serve with these everything-seasoned buns? We’ll definitely go for grilled burgers, but we’re thinking they will also be great with smoked pork, chicken or brisket.

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