Another Aldi Boots Craze is in the Works, and We’re Here For It

A new batch of Aldi Boots is due in stores by November 13!

While many of you shop Aldi for groceries or wine, and sometimes home goods such as cookware, rugs or even velvet sheets, have you ever checked out Aldi fashion?


Yep, we said Aldi fashion.

The ever-rotating selection in the Aisle of Shame often includes clothing items, such as camisoles, t-shirts, pajamas, robes, scarves and jeggings.


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And Aldi doesn’t forget the shoes. Our fave store has really been coming through with the boot selection this fall, and they are surprisingly fashionable.

Aldi Boots

First, there were the rain boots, which sold out in many stores in what will forever be known to us as the Bee Boot Craze of 2019.


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Then came these stacked heel beauties in October…


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And now? Well, we’re here to tell you that another Aldi boot collection drops this week.

Serra Ladies’ Boots

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Gray Aldi Foldover Boots

First up are these foldover boots with faux fleece and a side-zip closure. While the picture looks more like a taupe to us, Aldi says these boots are grey. They will be available in sizes 8 and 9.

Brown Lace-Up Aldi Boots

These brown lace-up boots may be our favorites! They have a trim that Aldi describes as a “padded knit collar.” These will be available in sizes 7-10.

Black Combat Boots

Finally, we have the favorite of angsty teen girls everywhere (and their mothers!), the black lace-up combat boot. These classics will be available in sizes 8-10.

Now, are these boots going to last you for years? Nope, probably not. But at $17.99, these are great, fun additions to your fall and winter wardrobe for sure!

Which Aldi boots are your favorite?


  1. The boots are really great. I just wish they ran in half sizes. I am a 7.5. The size 7 is too small and 8 is too big so I cannot fit them!

  2. I received a pair of ladies black combat boots for Christmas. I’m size 10 and these fit excellent with room to move toes. Comfortable, cute with a plaid flannel fold down and tongue., and a sturdy lugg sole. Very cute.

  3. I purchased the brown lace up boots,in my size an 8, but they are too large. How can I return them to the company to get a size 7? These boots in an 8 feel like a size 9! I have checked with 3 Aldi’s and they don’t have any left.

    Thank you

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