Velvet Sheets, a Travel Mug Organizer, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week

You need the clever Travel Mug Organizer coming this week to Aldi’s Aisle of Shame!

There’s been lots of talk this week about the Huntington Home Velvet Sheets available in stores now! You may want to put them and the rest of these Aldi must-haves on this week’s shopping list.

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Travel Mug Organizer

Aldi Travel Mug Organizer
This Easy Home Bottle of Travel Mug Organizer promises to be a great way to tackle some kitchen cabinet clutter! These organizers are available in black or white and have 10 slots for storage of travel mugs and bottles. They have smaller holes for handles or straw storage, and a larger cradle on the top to hold bigger items. These cabinet organizers are priced at $6.99. Available in store by Oct. 30.


Aldi Kringles pastries
These traditional Scandinavian pastries are a Wisconsin thing in the U.S., and we’re fortunate that Aldi is spreading the love around the country. We’ve seen these flaky pastries in our store in raspberry and almond flavors. If you can get your hands on one, you won’t regret it!

Velvet Sheets

Huntington Home velvet sheets
Few Aisle of Shame items have been met with as much wonder and fascination lately as these Huntington Home Velvet Plush Sheet Sets. We’re raving about them over here. They are available in Queen or King size sets, in either navy or gray. And they are priced at just $29.99!

Spreadable Irish Butter

Aldi Irish Butter
We are already devotees of the Countryside Creamery Irish Butter, and now you can buy it mixed with canola oil in a spreadable version. This should come in handy on your holiday table! If you’re wondering what the hype is about Irish butter, it generally has a slightly higher butterfat content than American butter. And it’s often sweeter! This spreadable butter is priced at $2.49. Available in store by Oct. 30.

Holly Hill Farms Eggnog

Holly Hill Farms Eggnog
This wine-based cream beverage is imported from Germany. Holly Hill Farms Eggnog has the flavors of eggnog — nutmeg, vanilla — with a 14% ABV, about the same as your typical wine. You will only find this in stores that sell wine and beer, and we suggest you grab it when you see it, as you never know if it will be re-stocked before Christmas. This would make an excellent hostess gift for any holiday gathering!

Dark Chocolate Chunks

Belgian dark chocolate chunks
Aldi has lots of great holiday baking items in stores now, and these Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Chunks have to be one of our favorite finds. They are made with imported 62% cacao Belgian chocolate. They’ll give an extra posh feeling to any holiday cookies you bake this year.

Belle Vie Sparkling Water {New Flavors!}

Belle Vie new flavors
Aldi’s answer to La Croix and Bubly is this Pur Aqua Belle Vie Sparkling Water. We were surprised and excited to see two new flavors on a recent shopping trip. Passion Fruit and Tangerine, we see you and we are here for you.

Oval Roasting Pan

Oval roasting pan at Aldi
If you need one of these oval roasting pans to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, you should be finding them in stock now at Aldi. We spotted this Boulder Oval Roaster Pan near the aluminum foil and plastic wrap at our store. As always with Aldi, pick it up now when you see it, because they may not be in stock the week of Thanksgiving!

Felt Storage Basket

Aldi felt storage basket
These Huntington Home Felt Storage Baskets are available in either light or dark gray. We’ve seen comparable baskets priced at $20 to $30, and these are just $7.99! They are perfect for storing cozy throws near your sofa or in a bedroom. (P.S. The throws in this picture are from Aldi’s Fall Farmhouse Decor collection, and we’ve been seeing them marked down in our stores!)

Velvet Plush Sherpa Throws

Aldi sherpa throw blankets
It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts when we walk down the Aisle of Shame, and we’re thinking these Huntington Home throw blankets that are velvet plush on one side and sherpa on the other would make great gifts! We’re picking one up for the office gift exchange. These are so soft, and they come in a variety of designs.

Check out all of this week’s Aldi Finds! What’s on your shopping list?


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