Feather Soft Throws, Vanilla Bean Wine, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week

If you’re still loving the Buffalo Plaid trend, you’ll definitely want to check out these Feather Soft Throws!

This week Aldi is helping us all work on our self-care and satisfying our snack needs as well. If you’re looking for a way to snuggle up and warm up your body and your belly, the Aldi Aisle of Shame is where you need to be.

Here’s your Aldi must-haves for the week of January 20th (January 17th in stores with a Sunday ad switchover):

Huntington Home Feather Soft Throw – $12.99

There’s no denying that these Huntington Home Feather Soft Throws need to be in your home. One can never EVER have too many blankets and we’re obsessed with the black and white checkered look.

Perfect for your favorite chair or a fun addition to your bedroom, too. In addition to the buffalo plaid, these feather soft throws are available in gray, red, or green.

feather soft throws

Bremer Jalapeno Popper Flavor Mac N Cheese – $4.99

This Jalapeno Popper Mac N Cheese is what snacking dreams are made of. If there’s anything in the worth scraping the bottom of the bowl, this is the recipe for you.

Every bite is loaded with Jalapeno poppers and mac n cheese, just as the world of flavor and taste is intended to be.

jalapeno popper mac n cheese

Pembrook Specialty Planners – $7.99

Aldi is coming through this week with tools to help us get our stuff together. These planners can help you stay on track with your personal goals and work goals as well. Take charge of today to make for a better tomorrow! There are parent planners, wellness, wedding and baby planners to choose from.

aldi wellness planners

Herr’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Curls – $1.99

You might as well just go ahead and realize that you’re going to be eating the entire bag of these Aldi Buffalo Blue Cheese curls in one sitting. These also come in a Jalapeno flavoring as well and it just so happens that you have two hands to be able to grab and hold onto both as you’re hitting the check out aisle at Aldi.

herr's buffalo blue cheese curls

Huntington Home Winter Coir Mats – $6.99

Door mats make everything so much fun. These mats come in a variety of cute sayings and options and are a festive and fun way to welcome in your guests, without welcoming in the dirt on their shoes as well. There are lots of other Valentine Must-Haves in store at Aldi this week, as well!

valentine's day door mats

L’oven Fresh Pretzel Bites – $4.99

Who says that tortilla chips have to be your go to dipper? These Pretzel Bites prove that theory to be 100% wrong. Grab, dip, and enjoy. They’re soft and taste just like a homemade pretzel should.

Aldi pretzel bites

Clancy’s Fried Pickle Ranch Chips – $1.69

Have you ever tried fried pickles? If not, this is for you. And even if you have tried them and love them, there’s a good chance that you won’t find them ANYWHERE at this price.

This is a simple way to get that delicious taste without having to go to a restaurant or bar. (and they’re gluten-free, too!)

fried pickle ranch chips

Crane Fitness Massage Gun – $69.99

Make 2021 your year to take care of yourself. Stop spaying those high prices to get a massage and purchase this massage fun for your own home use. It’s certain to help you ease those sore muscles with ease.

aldi massage gun

Petit Vanilla Bean Wine Specialty – See Price in Store

Oh, Aldi. How we love thee. This Vanilla Bean Wine is smooth, sweet, and perfectly flavored with a hint of vanilla bean flavor. This can be easily enjoyed with most meals or just as a slow sipper after a long day of work.

aldi vanilla bean wine

Bremer Mushroom & Swiss Beef Meatballs – $5.49

We’re pretty much obsessed with these appetizers. And one package has 44 meatballs in it! That’s a ton of food for one super low price.

And the best part? You just have to pop them in the microwave for less than 1 minute of time!

mushroom swiss meatballs

Welby No-Contact Thermometer – $24.99

Stay up on the wellness of everyone in the family with this no-contact thermometer. Just hold, scan, and get an accurate reading to know if anyone in your family is running a fever or not.

welby ear forehead

Park Street Deli Buffalo Skinny Dip – $3.49

Not all dips are created equal. This buffalo skinny dip comes in at just 45 calories per serving and won’t have you feeling loaded down with guilt or extra calories.

aldi buffalo skinny dip

Clancy’s Pub Pretzels – $1.99

Can we all just agree that Clancy pretzels are the best? These bold and zesty Aldi pub pretzels are great for dipping or grabbing by the handful to eat as they are!

clancy's pub pretzels

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  1. Aldi Aisle of Shame, I love you and look forward to all your posts. But holy moly, you really need to hire a copyeditor to proof these posts before they go live!

  2. I love my Petit Dark Chocolate Wine!!!
    Made with red grapes, fine dark chocolate and cream! It tastes like chocolate milk with a kick!!!????????????
    Thank you for this website and the Facebook page!!!????

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