Aldi Deep Dish Pizza May Make You Forget Any Other Pizza Even Exists

Get ready for your lives to be changed forever. This Aldi Deep Dish Pizza goes where no deep dish has gone before. Not only is this a delicious Chicago-style recipe, but the ooey-gooey goodness of all that cheese will make you want to stand up and scream with happiness.

If you’re looking for a way to shake up pizza night, look no further than this deep-dish treat.

aldi deep dish pizza

If we could choose one food to live on for the rest of our lives, this would very much be at the top of the list. And since this pizza is available in cheese or combination flavors, you can try both and see which one you like best. (Spoiler alert: You’re going to like them both)

Save on the travel costs and plane tickets and have your own deep-dish pizza night at home. There a reason that Aldi is continuing to make our dreams come true every single week and it’s because they know what food we all need right about now.

Colder weather means hearty meals and you really can’t get much better than a slice or two (or the whole pie) of this delicious deep dish pizza.

This Aldi Deep Dish Pizza is due in U.S. Aldi stores for the ad week of Jan. 20 (Jan. 17 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover). We will be stalking the Aldi Finds freezer section for them!

What topping of pizza did you like best? Let us know in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

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