25 Things YOU should be Buying at ALDI in March 2024

1. Cordless Electric Window Vacuum – $20:

A unique find with a 45-minute runtime and an 11-inch squeegee. Designed to efficiently suck up soap residue during cleaning, offering impressive performance.


2. Cordless Wet-Dry Vac – $25:

A versatile cleaning tool never before seen at Aldi, perfect for various cleaning scenarios, hinting at a solid all-around utility.

3. Easter candies. Price Varies


4. Three-Pack of Seal Tight Containers – $10:

Initially intriguing due to their peculiar packaging, these containers are great for snack storage, offering both functionality and a touch of mystery from their initial appearance.

5. Maguires Irish Red Ale

6. Waterproof Clear Storage Boxes by Sterilite – $10 to $13:

Durable and essential for moisture-prone areas, these boxes are made in the USA and come in various sizes, suitable for protecting valuables against water damage.

7. Huntington Home Easter Baskets

8. Fremont Fish Market’s salmon can be cooked in an air fryer. Price $4

9. Waterproof Fire-Resistant Safe by First Alert – $25:

A compact safe offering peace of mind with its fire-resistant and waterproof capabilities, sized at 0.17 cubic feet.

10. Spin Sweeper – $13:

An efficient cleaning tool that enhances sweeping with its built-in dustpan, though it’s not a replacement for a vacuum.

11. Queen Airbed with Built-In Pump – $40:

An 18-inch tall airbed offering convenience and comfort with its soft surface top and integrated pump for easy inflation.

12. Four-Pack of Chocolate Cake Pops – $4.49:

A delicious and cost-effective alternative to higher-priced options, offering a satisfying chocolate experience.



13. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Macaroni Cheese Deli Pizza

14. Park Street Deli Irish Beef Stew

15. Kirkwood Dry Rub Chicken Wings

16. Reggano Easter Shaped Pasta

17. Season’s Choice smoothie blends

18. Oh Me, Oh My! Cranberry Lime Mimosa

19. Aldi Gear. Price Varies

20. Friendly Farms Key Lime and Lemon Meringue Whipped Topping Price $3

21. Season’s Choice Harvest Grain Bowls Price $3

22. Adventuridge Thirst Crusher Price $4

23. Bremer loaded-potato or tomato soups. Price $5

24. Casa Mamita stuffed nachos can be found in the frozen aisle. Price $5

25. Each package comes with 12 carrot-cake sandwich cookies. Price $5

26. Emporium Selection Easter cheeses come in a few shapes and designs. Price Varies

27. The Specially Selected mini cheesecake bites come in three chocolaty flavors. Price $4


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