Holy Smokes! These Fall Triple Layer Candles Are Our New Aldi Obsession

We’re definitely falling for these fall triple-layer candles coming to the Aldi Aisle of Shame!

aldi fall scented triple layer candles

For a while there, Aldi’s candles were one of our favorite store’s best-kept secrets.

But it seems that these days, our little secret is out.

The new collections of Aldi fall candles that have been released this month have flown off the shelves, and become very hard to find.

And while these $3.99 Bath & Body Works knock-offs get all the attention, Aldi does release other collections of candles throughout the year, as well.

For the week beginning Sept. 22 (Sept. 19 in stores with a Sunday switchover), Aldi is bringing out three, fall-scented, TRIPLE-LAYER CANDLES.

Huntington Home Triple Layer Candle

These candles will be sold in 18-ounce jars, for just $5.99 each! We would expect to pay double or even triple that price for comparable candles in others stores.

Let’s take a closer look at these fall triple-layer candles, and the scents available!

First up is the yummy-sounding Caramel Apple Pumpkin.

Caramel Apple Pumpkin candle

There’s also Orange Cranberry Bundt Cake.


Orange Cranberry Bundt Cake candle

Finally is a scent that will take us from fall into the winter holidays — Sugar Cookie!


sugar cookie triple layer candle from aldi

We can’t wait to sniff these Huntington Home candles…and score all three for under $18!

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