All the Fall Candles Coming to Aldi in September

The crop of September candles coming to Aldi is giving us ALL THE FALL VIBES!

all the fall candles coming to Aldi in September

We know that many of the members of our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group are big scented candle fans, and we are, too! So when we see new candles coming out, we’re interested to know what’s ahead, to help plan our shopping.

We’ve got the scoop on all the fall candles coming to Aldi in September, so let’s take a look!

aldi toasted pumpkin marshmallow timberwick

aldi fireside and fig timberwick

aldi citrus clove timberwick

The crackling Aldi Timberwick candles are back! These candles are dupes for Yankee Candle Woodwick candles and have the unique feature of crackling like a fireplace when lit! This year’s scents include  Toasted Pumpkin MarshmallowCitrus Clove, and Fireside and Fig.

Huntington Home Painted Ceramic Candles

Week of Sept. 1 – $6.99

These Huntington Home Painted Ceramic Candles will also be in stores the week of Sept. 1. There are four scents: Sugared Almond Cookie, Pumpkin Praline, Harvest Skies, and Cedar Oakwood.

Huntington Home Painted Ceramic Candles cedar oakwood

Huntington Home Painted Ceramic Candles harvest skies

Huntington Home Painted Ceramic Candles pumpkin praline

Huntington Home Painted Ceramic Candle sugared almond cookie

Huntington Home Luxury 2 Wick Candles

Week of Sept. 8 – $4.99

Aldi is bringing luxury in September with 2-wick “luxury scented” candles with gold lids in Caramel Vanilla Cream, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Nectarine & Honey, and Pomegranate & Sandalwood.

These luxury scented candles are the same versions as the infamous No. “Hotel Collection” candles sold at Aldi UK.

Week of Sept. 8 – $3.99

The first hints of fall came when we got wind of this collection of four 3-wick candles. Now, we have another reason to get excited because an additional four 3-wick candles are being released in September. The scents include Honey Glazed Pear Cider, Pumpkin Ginger Snap, Smoked Pumpkin Cider, and Winter Lodge.

aldi Honey Glazed Pear Cider candle

aldi pumpkin ginger snap candle

aldi smoked pumpkin cider candle

aldi winter lodge candle

Huntington Home Mercury Glass Pumpkin Candles

Week of Sept. 15 – $4.99

Mercury Glass Pumpkin Candles at Aldi

This trio of Mercury Glass Pumpkin Candles is so pretty! We don’t have the official scent list just yet, but last year these beautiful jars came in Pumpkin Frosting, Pumpkin Toffee, and Sippin’ Cider.

Huntington Home Ceramic Pumpkin Candles

Week of Sept. 29 – $6.99

black Huntington Home Ceramic Pumpkin Candle

orange Huntington Home Ceramic Pumpkin Candle

white Huntington Home Ceramic Pumpkin Candle

These pumpkin candles come out toward the end of the month, and they are in lidded, ceramic jars in black, orange, and white. We love the gold stem! No word yet on these candle scents, but we will update once available.

Week of 9/29 – $3.99

Aldi Halloween candles are back this year in four new scents, including Pumpkin Lane, Moonbeams and Magic, Fright Night Fog, and A Haunting We Will Go.

aldi pumpkin lane halloween candle

aldi moonbeans and magic halloween candle

aldi fright night fog halloween candle

aldi a haunting we will go halloween candle

Which of these September candles are at the top of your Aldi shopping list? We’re definitely picking up a few of these for ourselves, and some for gifts!


  1. If they aren’t coming out until September, how have people already gotten them? Jw, don’t wanna miss the boat.

    • Hi Karen,
      Was wondering the same thing. Was your question answered? For some reason my ad did not contain any of these scents and I missed them all! So bummed, love pumpkin candles!

  2. Any ideas on how to find out the candle scents for the Halloween candles available on 9/21? I use instacart (no running vehicle at this time) Really don’t want to ask my shopper to sniff and message me! Lol. I really wish Aldis would include a scent description with their Huntington candles. Other companies do.

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