Aldi has a Pumpkin Apple Fritter Candle…And We’re So Ready for Fall!

The first Aldi fall candle haul dropped this week, including a Pumpkin Apple Fritter candle…and we are SO READY FOR IT!


Aldi fall candles 2021

You know how some years it seems too early for fall decor?

Not this year! This season, we’re ready for ALL THINGS fall, autumn, Halloween, and everything in between.

Aldi is starting their fall game with a trickle of items, starting this week with brand new 3-wick candles inspired by fall.

These candles are just a preview of seasonal items to hit Aldi stores soon— because get ready, we’re releasing a sneak peek at some of the best September Aisle of Shame goodies soon!

Pumpkin Apple Fritter Candle

Bakery, pumpkin, vanilla…is there anything better? This is our top fall candle pick this week as it screams all the best scents of Autumn.

Thankful Grateful Blessed Candle

With a candle name like Thankful Grateful Blessed, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact scent. Aldi is describing this candle as Manarin, Mirabella Plum, and Coriander. It’s a beautiful, light fall fragrance that will add a bit of sophistication to any home or office.

Fall Flannel Shirt Candle

 Love the masculine scent of a fall flannel shirt? This candle has it with Oriental, Bergamont, and Musk notes.

Peal Chestnut & Teak Candle

Sparkling Citrus, Golden Pear, and Rosewood make this spicy candle a must-have for the transition from fall to winter. This 3-wick gives us vibes of the holidays!

Which Aldi fall candle is your fave? Let us know in the Aisle of Shame Facebook group!


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