These Aldi Halloween Candles Are Fa-boo-lous

We want to collect all four of these Aldi Halloween Candles!

Aldi has gone and done it again. For the third year in a row, they have surprised us with a batch of limited edition Halloween candles coming to Aldi stores the week of October 5th, 2021 (Oct 2nd in stores with a Sunday ad switchover)!

These Limited Edition Huntington Home 3-Wick Candles are designed with the traditional 3 wicks we’ve come to expect. But they have specially designed labels — and the labels are completely different from last year! The sleek black lids are perfect for Halloween decor.

Let’s take a closer look at the designs!

The Aldi Halloween Candles include Monster Mash, Hocus Pocus, If You Got It, Haunt It, and Hey Boo-tiful!

Aldi Halloween Candle Scents

  • Monster Mash – Bakery, Sage, Floral
  • Hocus Pocus – Pumpkin, Cranberry, Maple
  • If You Got It, Haunt It – Cove Bud, Bay Leaf, Golden Maple
  • Hey Boo-tiful! – Caramelized Sugar, Pumpkin, Cinnamon

If you have never tried Aldi candles, many people find these Huntington Home 3-Wick Candles comparable to the Bath & Body Works versions.

Aldi 3-wick candles are the same size and style, and they will fit in any holders or accessories you have for the Bath & Body Works candles. But with the new Halloween candle release, we won’t want to cover up the labels by putting them in a candle holder!

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