Aldi Let Us In On Some New October Merch, And This Dip Is Everything

This Everything Bagel Dip is coming to Aldi in October!

We have to hand it to the Aldi marketing machine — they really know how to capitalize on a good thing.

Since introducing their everything bagel seasoning a couple of years ago, Aldi has really expanded in the “everything” genre.

The everything seasoning was originally just an Aldi Find, but it got so popular so quickly that it became an item stocked in many Aldi stores year-round.

And then, Aldi started introducing other products with, well, “everything.” Just in the past couple of months, we have seen everything pretzel thins and everything brioche buns.

Now comes the news that in October, Aldi is bringing us this…

everything bagel dip

That, my friends, is Park Street Deli Everything Bagel Dip. The 8-ounce package is a greek yogurt-based dip with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic and onion — the major components of everything seasoning.

We can imagine dipping so many things in this! Carrots, bell peppers, pretzel thins … all fair game here.

This Aldi Everything Bagel Dip is due in stores the week of Oct. 21 — or Oct. 18 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover.

If you’re an everything seasoning fan, you should also know about these:

jalapeno everything seasoning

Aldi is introducing three new versions of its iconic everything seasoning later this year!

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  1. Hoping you will be bringing back the everything bagel dip as I went to a few aldi’s today and they said they were out and fought more will come back in. Please contact me so I can find it again or where.

  2. That dip was awesome. Went back to get more and they said it was a special and would not be getting more. Why???? If we love it bring it back please. Customer AlDI’S Northport, Alabama ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????

  3. please bring this dip back to the rome ga aldis. I went yesterday and was told this was a special and was not sure if this would come back. I drove all the way to this store for this and was disappointed it wasn’t there

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