We’re Running to Aldi for These Churro Cookies

It’s safe to say that life after these cookies might never be the same. Churro Cookies filled with creme? Get. Out. Of. Here. How in the world does Aldi deliver each and every week with new and improved items? Just when we thought that there was no way they were going to top the Fluffernutter Cookies, they go and do something like this.

We have to admit that we’re not hating it, though. Not at all. Because deep down, we love how Aldi keeps spoiling us with these rad cookie flavors. We literally love creme-filled cookies and Churros but we would have never thought to combine them for an epic flavor and taste.

Aldi churro cookies

The great part about creme cookies like this is that you can eat and enjoy them however you want. Are you one that twists off the top or are you a dunker into a big glass of milk?

We have nothing but love for whatever you want when it comes to enjoying your bites of cookies.

Make certain you bring your quarter for your Aldi cart because there’s no way that you’re going to want to leave the store without at least 5-6 boxes of these cookies. Fill your cart and then head home to get your churro snacktime started!

Benton’s Churro Creme Cookies

Available 4/28 – $1.95

churro cookies

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