Aldi Is Selling Fluffernutter Cookies, And These Are Coming Home With Me

If you didn’t find the teal cabinet at Aldi, maybe these fluffernutter cookies can be your consolation prize!

We have to admit, in the frenzy for fall decor and pumpkin spice stuff at Aldi this week, these little babies escaped our attention.

But then we stopped in after work to scope out the Aldi candle situation, and when we rounded the corner by the baked goods, we spotted something new on the bottom shelf.

Feast your eyes on these.

Aldi fluffernutter cookies

Yes, my friends. Yes, indeed.

Those ARE fluffernutter cookies for sale at Aldi.

And after having tasted them, we can proclaim them … perfection.

These cookies named after the playground favorite — a sandwich of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff — are a soft, sweet peanut butter cookie similar to other great PB cookies we’ve had from Aldi before.

But that marshmallow fluff…

We are marshmallow flavor lovers. The addition of marshmallow makes nearly everything better, in our opinion, but sometimes it can get lost.

Not in these cookies. There are big dollops of marshmallow cream baked in. And, because they are baked in, they take on a toasty flavor.

Even if you’ve never had a fluffernutter (gasp!) or just aren’t a big fan of them, anyone who likes peanut butter cookies will love these!

These Bake Shop Fluffernutter Cookies are an Aldi Find, advertised for the week of Sept. 9. They are priced at $2.99 (prices can vary by store).

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