Aldi Is Introducing 3 New Versions Of Its Iconic Everything Seasoning

Do you think the Jalapeno Everything Seasoning will be the most popular when these come to Aldi?

When Aldi introduced its everything bagel seasoning a couple of years ago, it was just an occasional Aldi Find.

It caught on and gained a lot of fans and became one of those items that flew off the shelves.

So Aldi made the decision to carry the seasoning year-round.

We love the stuff, and so do many Aldi fans in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Community on Facebook!

We love to sprinkle it on eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh tomatoes, and so much more!

Now Aldi has surprised us once again by introducing a trio of NEW Everything Bagel Seasonings, just in time for the holidays!

jalapeno everything seasoning

These three new flavors will be available in stores on Dec. 16.

Aldi says they will be priced at $1.95 each.

The flavors include:

  • Jalapeno Everything Seasoning
  • Asiago Cheese Everything Seasoning
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Everything Seasoning

These will be sold under Aldi’s private label for seasonings — Stonemill.

We love the colorful labeling on these, and we cannot wait to scoop up all three!

We could also see these working great as stocking stuffers or in fun food gift baskets for holiday gifts.

Which one do you want to try first?

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