Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl

Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl is a ready-to-eat smoked salmon poke bowl that is available for a limited time at Aldi — if you enjoy poke, it’s a delicious Aldi Find!


The Aldi Poke Bowl is one of the few products that’s not manufactured under an Aldi private label brand. The poke bowl is a limited time special buy for $6.79 and is made by Blue Hill Bay.

Because it’s not an Aldi brand and a limited time special buy, there is no way of knowing how long the poke bowl will be in stock or if/when it will return. If you see it and want to try it, don’t delay!

What is Poke?

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of cubed fish. While the dish has recently gained popularity in the mainland, it has been a cherished part of Hawaiian culture for nearly four decades. Blue Hill Bay’s Poke Bowls are a twist on the original poke idea, with smoked fish instead of fresh fish.

Where do you find the Aldi Poke Bowl?

We found the smoked salmon poke bowl at Aldi in the refrigerated section near sliced lunch meat. This area in our store is also by the refrigerated pizzas and single-serving drinks. The location may vary by store.

Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl

Is the Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl Good?

We love poke and were intrigued enough to give the Blue Hill Poke Bowl a try. We had very low expectations as we just returned from Hawaii where we had some of the best poke in the world.

At $6.79, the price point is at the low end for a poke bowl with salmon. At the same time, $6.79 is on the high side for a single serving portion of anything at Aldi.

With that being said, we happily paid the price with the hopes that the ready-to-eat poke bowl delivered on flavor…poke is seriously one of our favorite dishes.

aldi poke bowl

The Blue Hill Bay Powl Bowl contains smoked salmon meaning it’s NOT raw fish. Smoked salmon has a longer shelf-life than raw fish, which is normally what a poke bowl is prepared with.

If you’ve never tried poke because you don’t like raw fish, you may enjoy this option as the fish is completely cooked. There is still an expiration on the package so make sure to check it before purchasing.

Personally, we enjoy smoked salmon even more than fresh salmon (shocker, right!?) so this was actually a plus for us.

The Poke Bowl is pretty minimal and extra toppings need to be added on for ultimate enjoyment.

When we prepared the Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl we didn’t have any extras on hand, but if there’s one thing we would have added it would have been diced avocado.

smoked salmon poke bowl

How to Prepare the Aldi Poke Bowl

The Aldi poke bowl is easy to prepare and ready to eat in two minutes. The only ingredient that needs to be heated in the rice, which goes in the microwave. Once that’s done, you simply layer everything in the included bowl and eat.

The four elements of the Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl are smoked salmon, white rice, poke sauce, and spicy seasonings.

We prepared the poke bowl as directed and were pleasantly surprised with the flavor. The smoked salmon was REALLY good! The seasonings were also top-notch without being very spicy. The poke sauce was slightly sweet, but the sweetness is balanced with the seasonings.

The only thing we would do differently in the future would be to not heat the rice or just put it in the microwave for a few seconds and let cool. We prefer our poke bowls with rice that isn’t warm.

All in all, the Blue Hill Bay Poke Bowl from Aldi was really good and a total surprise considering how it’s not fresh poke like we’re used to.

We will definitely repurchase if we see more poke bowls at Aldi — it’s a quick and easy lunch or dinner with a good amount of flavor!

How you tried the Poke Bowl at Aldi?


  1. If Aldi in Moon Township carried this, I’d buy them out and have it every day. Add half an avacado, and it is absolutely amazing!

  2. These are great, but agreed….even BETTER with diced avocados! I have one waiting right now for my avocado to ripen! YUM!

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