Aldi is Selling Planners to Help You Organize Every Detail of Your Life

These Aldi Parent Planners, Wellness Planners and more are coming to stores in January!

As 2021 began, some Aldi fans were stressed about one big thing: Where were the parent planners? Aldi has typically released monthly/weekly planners and “specialty planners” in December, before the start of the new year.

But this year, the monthly-weekly planners have come and gone, with no sign of the specialty planners in sight. Until now!

Specialty planners are coming to Aldi for the ad week of Jan. 20 (Jan. 17 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover)!

Aldi Parent Planners

These tabbed planners are undated, meaning they can be started at any time of the year!

(That also means they make great gifts — so you may want to pick up a few to save for future friend or family engagements, pregnancies, etc.)

The Pembrook Specialty Planners retail for $7.99, and we simply can’t believe what you get for your money.

Pembrook specialty planners at Aldi

These are spiral bound, hard cover books. They have tabbed pages for easy reference, and they all come with a pocket folder page, a removable bookmark, and a clear, plastic pouch.

There are also notes pages, stickers, and tips and checklists inside.

These are truly planners you would expect to pay much more for.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s available!

Aldi Parent Planners

Aldi parent planner - blue

The Aldi Parent Planners are available with two covers, this blue and gold cover, and a mauve and gold one.

The Pembrook parent planners include chore charts, pages for school contacts, planning pages, and lots more that will make moms’ and dads’ lives easier!

Aldi Wellness Planners

Aldi wellness planners

If you are working on forming healthy habits in 2021, this planner may be a great fit for you!

The Aldi Wellness Planner includes goal tracking pages, progress pages, and a place to log your work-outs.

This Pembrook specialty planner is available with two covers, as well — the fun stripes shown above, or a floral patter with “New Year, New You” on the front cover.

Aldi Baby Planner

aldi baby planner

The Aldi baby planner has lots of helpful checklists for a mom-to-be, in addition to planning pages.

There are also keepsake pages and pages for pregnancy-related contact inside.

Aldi Wedding Planner

aldi wedding planner

If you are planning a wedding, this Pembrook planner is a great way to keep everything organized. It includes space to track that all-important wedding budget, as well as contact pages for vendors, keepsake pages, and more!

Are you planning to buy any Aldi specialty planners this year? Let us know in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

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