Read This Before Buying Jewelry At Walmart

It’s no surprise that Walmart sells basically everything under the sun. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart offers everything from groceries to home improvement supplies to fine jewelry.

But not everyone is convinced that buying fine jewelry at Walmart is a good idea. To help you decide whether to shop at Walmart or look elsewhere, we have put together this complete guide detailing everything you will ever need to know about buying jewelry at Walmart.

Buying Jewelry At Walmart

Types of Jewelry Sold At Walmart

As of 2023, the selection of fine jewelry available in Walmart store locations is limited. However, you can always find costume jewelry and other fashion jewelry pieces at Walmart stores in or near the apparel section. Fashion jewelry is made from low-cost materials such as copper, nickel, brass, and other affordable metals.  You can also shop for low-cost fashion jewelry on here.

If you are interested in purchasing fine jewelry from Walmart, you will most likely have to turn to where you can find thousands upon thousands of products. Some Walmart store locations sell fine jewelry as well, but many have begun removing fine jewelry from their inventory in recent years.

You can find the following types of fine jewelry on…

  • Bracelets and bracelet charms
  • Earrings
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Engagement and wedding ring sets
  • Necklaces and pendants
  • Rings

Walmart also sells jewelry boxes, holders, and organizers, as well as mixed jewelry sets. To shop for jewelry on, click here.

Jewelry Quality

If you’re shopping for fine jewelry, there’s a good chance that you will be looking at pieces made from a mixture of gold, silver, and/or diamonds.  Believe it or not, Walmart sells many jewelry pieces made from these precious materials.

Walmart’s high-end jewelry is made with the following precious metals…

  • Gold (10k, 14k, 18k)
  • White gold (10k, 14k, 18k)
  • Rose gold (14k, 18k)
  • 925 sterling silver

Once you’ve chosen your metal of choice, you can find jewelry pieces set with the following precious stones on…

  • Diamonds (1/10, ⅛, ¼, ⅓, ½, ⅝, ¾, and 1 carat)
  • Peridot
  • Green jade
  • White sapphire
  • Blue sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Garnet
  • Ruby

If you’re looking for jewelry at a more affordable price, Walmart also sells plenty of jewelry made from discount materials such as gold-plated nickel, cubic zirconia, and rhinestones.

Things To Watch Out For

Because lists products from thousands of third-party sellers from around the world, there’s a wide range of quality when it comes to their jewelry.

While you can absolutely buy high-end gold and diamond jewelry from Walmart, it’s also possible that you could end up with something of lower quality if you buy from a Walmart Marketplace seller.

For example, watch out for any jewelry listings that claim to offer high-end jewelry made with precious metals and stones for shockingly low prices. 

This listing, for example, claims to offer a blue sapphire bracelet for just $29.80. But if the bracelet was truly made from real sapphires, the price would be much higher. Sure enough, when you read the product listing details, it specifies that the “blue sapphires” are actually made of cubic zirconia. Make sure you pay close attention to the product description before purchasing any precious metals or stones from Walmart.


Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell jewelry from any major luxury jewelry brands. Names like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Winston won’t show up in a jewelry search on

Instead, Walmart sells jewelry from the following brands…

  • Time and Tru
  • Cate & Chloe
  • Brilliance Fine Jewelry
  • Believe by Brilliance
  • JeenMata
  • No Boundaries
  • SuperJeweler
  • Bliss
  • Miabella
  • Pompeii3
  • Peermont Jewelry
  • Nuragold
  • Hilltip
  • Little Luxuries
  • PalmBeach Jewelry
  • Next Level Jewelry
  • SheridanStar
  • Disney
  • Paris Jewelry
  • Forever Facets
  • Simply Gold

Are Walmart Diamonds Genuine?

Walmart sells genuine diamonds that range up to 18 carats in weight.

However, there are also plenty of fake diamond pieces available on that are incorrectly marketed as diamonds. In most cases, when you look closer at the item’s product description, you will notice that “rhinestones” or “cubic zirconia” are listed. These materials are meant to imitate the appearance of diamonds and other precious stones.

Walmart also sells many gold jewelry items that are actually non-precious metals that have been gold-plated.

The biggest tip off for whether or not the diamonds you’re buying from Walmart are real is the price. If the price seems suspiciously low, there’s probably a reason why.

To make sure you’re buying genuine diamonds when you shop at Walmart, choose products labeled as “Sold and shipped by” and check the product description to make sure the materials are real.

Is Walmart’s Simply Gold Real Gold? offers a few competitively priced gold pieces from a brand called Simply Gold. Because the prices on these items are so reasonable, many customers have wondered whether they are made of genuine gold. 

As far as we can tell, Simply Gold jewelry that is marketed as authentic yellow gold or white gold is genuine. However, other aspects of the pieces might be lower in quality, and the overall craftsmanship might explain the lower-than-average prices. For example, things like clasps, hinges, and other jewelry hardware might be less durable or well made than gold jewelry made by higher end brands.

To check out Walmart’s selection of Simply Gold jewelry, click here.

Simply Gold jewelry has even been known to drop in price at Walmart when certain items go on clearance. For example, this Walmart shopper found a pair of Simply Gold earrings for less than $40. The melt value of this amount of gold turned out to be over $50, meaning that the shopper made money on their purchase…

Is Walmart a Good Place to Buy Jewelry?

Deciding whether or not to buy jewelry at Walmart will depend on what you’re looking for.

If your top priority is buying the highest quality jewelry you can find, then Walmart probably isn’t your best choice. However, if you’re looking for decent quality at an affordable price, then it’s worth taking a look at what Walmart has to offer.

When asked about the quality of Walmart’s jewelry, this Quora user had many good things to say…

Another user offered some slightly more critical input, offering the perspective that while Walmart does sell jewelry that is technically made from precious metals and stones, the overall quality doesn’t really compare to that of fine jewelry retailers…

Overall, Walmart is a great place to find mid-range jewelry at reasonable (or even extremely low) prices. However, it’s very likely that you will sacrifice on quality and craftsmanship by purchasing your jewelry at Walmart.

It’s important to make sure that the jewelry you purchase from Walmart is made from the materials you intend to purchase. Many jewelry items listed on claim to be made from precious metals and stones but are actually made from cheaper materials, which can be discovered through reading the fine print in the product listing descriptions.

If you have purchased something from Walmart that isn’t living up to your quality expectations, you can read all about Walmart’s return policy here.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Jewelry At Walmart

The pros of buying jewelry at Walmart include…

  •  Competitively low prices 
  • Wide selection 
  • Convenient online shopping 
  • Straightforward returns process 

Unfortunately, there are also some cons that might outweigh the pros for some shoppers.

The cons of shopping for fine jewelry at Walmart include…

  • Low to mid-range quality 
  • Many products are made with imitation materials 
  • Craftsmanship may disappoint when compared to fine jewelers
  • Limited opportunities for shopping in person

Back in 2019, Walmart first began evaluating the viability of their jewelry counters. While Walmart stores across the Nation used to house fine jewelry counters at every store, things have changed in recent years. Now, only some Walmart locations have glass jewelry counters, while most stores do not due to low demand. 

What this means is that shopping for Fine Jewelry in person at Walmart won’t be as easy as it used to be. Trying on pieces before you buy them can be a great way to ensure you’re buying a quality piece that you will want to keep for a lifetime. Without being able to do this, this could impact your ability to shop with confidence when buying jewelry from Walmart.

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