What Is Walmart’s Return Policy After 90 Days?

Walmart is known for having a super generous return policy as long as you stick to their return window, which expires after 90 days. Before that, you can return (almost) anything for (almost) any reason.

But what happens if more than 90 days have passed and you want to request a refund from Walmart? Don’t worry. There’s still hope.

After 90 days, Walmart accepts returns on a case-by-case basis. Despite the 90-day limit, store managers have the ability to override this policy if it’s appropriate given the circumstances.

So, while there’s no guarantee you’ll get a refund from Walmart after 90 days, it’s definitely worth a try.

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Can You Return To Walmart Without A Receipt After 90 days?

Returns without a receipt work more or less the same as returns with a receipt after 90 days at Walmart.

Under their standard return policy, receipts are requested but not required for returns and exchanges to be approved. As long as you can provide a valid, government-issued ID, then you will still be eligible for a refund.

Just remember that after 90 days, the store manager will have full discretion when it comes to granting you your refund. So, there’s no guarantee your return will be approved, regardless of whether or not you have a receipt.

Exceptions To Walmart’s Return Policy After 90 Days

Technically, you can attempt to return anything to Walmart after 90 days. There’s just no guarantee your return will be accepted.

Items such as cell phones, electronics, drones, and prescription glasses have a limited return policy (fewer than 90 days), so these items are less likely to be accepted as returns after 90 days.

Here is a list of items that have a limited return policy at Walmart and may be more difficult to return after 90 days:

  • prepaid cellular phones
  • portable video players
  • camcorders
  • digital cameras
  • electric scooters
  • hoverboards
  • GPS units

Here is a list of items that are ineligible for return or exchange at any time:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Pepper spray
  • Airsoft guns
  • Gas-powered vehicles
  • Prescription medications

For a full list of return policy exceptions, click here.

How To Return Walmart Items After 90 Days?

Whenever you’re making a return to Walmart, whether it’s been 1 day or 100 days, you have two basic options. You can either return your item or items in store or ship them back by initiating a return through Walmart.com. Just remember that items purchased at a Walmart store can only be returned in person.

If you have a Walmart account or use the Walmart app, follow these instructions to initiate an in-store return:

  1. Visit your account history via your Walmart.com account or inside the Walmart app, and select the item(s) you’d like to return (you will also be asked to select a reason for the return)
  2. Choose “Return to store” to get a return barcode
  3. Review the return refund summary and submit your return
  4. Check your email for confirmation. Bring this confirmation email with you to the store along with your item

If more than 90 days have passed since your purchase, there is a chance that you might not be eligible for a return barcode. In that case, you will need to begin your return by visiting a Walmart store in person.

To return an item to Walmart in person:

  1. Visit your nearest Walmart store (you do not have to go to the original store of purchase)
  2. Find the customer service desk and let an employee know you would like to request a return
  3. The employee will walk you through the rest of the process
  4. If approval is needed for your return, a store manager or supervisor will be called over and might ask you a few questions about why you are requesting a return after 90 days
  5. If your return is accepted, you might be offered a refund in the form of a Walmart gift card or store credit

To return an item online, follow these instructions to use the Walmart app or Walmart.com (requires shipping your item through the mail):

Can You Get A Refund On Returned Items?

Items successfully returned to Walmart are eligible for a full refund. If your return is accepted within 90 days of purchase, you will be refunded via your original form of payment.

However, if you are requesting a return after 90 days, then it is likely that your refund will be issued in the form of a Walmart gift card or store credit.

If the cost of your item is less than $10, you might still be eligible for a cash refund.

Remember that for all returns, your items should be in undamaged condition to be eligible for refund or exchange.

Does Walmart Have A Good Return Policy?

Walmart is known for having a fairly flexible return policy. If you save your receipts and request all of your returns within 90 days, then you likely won’t run into any problems.

However, Walmart does limit their no-receipt returns (policy varies by location), and they also limit the time each customer has to request refunds.

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer any clear ways to extend their 90-day return policy, unlike similar stores such as Target which offer options for much longer return windows. The only items Walmart offers an extended return policy on are perennials, trees, and shrubs, which can be returned within 1 year of purchase.

That said, Walmart is known for being pretty flexible, so it’s always worth requesting a refund even if you don’t meet all of the official requirements.


Does Walmart have an extended holiday return policy?

Yes. Items purchased in November or December that have a return window of fewer than 90 days (including electronics, computers, drones, etc.) can be returned for their designated return window starting on December 26th rather than from the date they were purchased. Of course, these items could also be returned, unopened, prior to December 26th if purchased during these months.

What is Walmart’s return policy on eyeglasses?

Prescription glasses and contacts must be returned within 60 days of purchase to be eligible for refund or exchange.

What is the return policy for electronics at Walmart?

Most electronics must be returned within 30 days, while prepaid wireless phones must be returned within 14 days.

Does Walmart have a 30-day return policy?

For some things, yes. Most electronics, including laptops, tables, contract cell phones, cameras, and more, must be returned within 30 days. However, Walmart’s standard return policy allows for a 90 day return window.


Returning items to Walmart after 90 days is totally possible, but it depends on the situation. You’ll be more likely to receive a refund or exchange if you keep your receipt and if your item is not already subject to a limited return window.

At the end of the day, all returns and exchanges are subject to final approval by a Walmart store manager. So, returns requested after 90 days may be denied on the basis of not abiding by the return policy requirements. In other words, it can feel like it comes down to luck.

If your return is approved, then you will likely receive your refund in the form of a gift card or store credit, unless you get lucky or if the amount you paid for the item is particularly low (less than $10). 

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