Who Makes HART Tools For Walmart?

Have you ever heard of HART tools? If not, you might be interested to learn that they are a versatile discount tool brand available exclusively at Walmart. The HART name can be found on a wide variety of tools, from power tools to hand tools to lawn mowers. But who exactly produces HART tools? Does Walmart own HART?

For answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Hart tools at Walmart

What Are HART Tools?

HART is a brand of tools available for sale exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com. From hand tools to power tools, HART is known for selling a wide range of tools at affordable prices.

HART produces an impressive variety of tools and other project supplies, from basic power tools such as drills and saws to lawn mowers, chainsaws, and storage containers.

But is HART its own company, or a Walmart brand? Let’s find out…

Who Owns HART Tools?

HART Tools are produced by a company called Techtronic Industries (TTI). Techtronic also produces tools under the following labels–Milwaukee, Ryobi, RIDGID, Hoover, and more.

TTI is a manufacturing company based in Hong Kong. The CEO of TTI is a man named Joseph Galli, Jr. who is originally from Pennsylvania. 

How Are HART Tools Made?

HART tools are produced through a multi-step process involving design, manufacturing and production.

First, each HART tool is designed in the USA by someone called a tool designer or mechanical designer. Then, those designs are sent to the TTI headquarters in Hong Kong where they are then scheduled for production at one of TTI’s various production plants located primarily throughout China.

Once HART tools are finished being made and are ready to be sold, they are shipped to Walmart stores all over the world.

Where Are HART Tools Made?

According to the website of HART Tools, these tools are made “all over the world, including the USA.” Each HART Tool lists where it is produced on the tool itself.

However, according to other sources, HART tools are actually only designed in the USA, while they are produced in China.

Types of HART Tools Available At Walmart

The types of HART tools currently available on Walmart.com include:

  • Cordless drills
  • Cordless impact drivers
  • Rotary tools
  • Cordless impact wrenches
  • Hand tools
  • Multitools
  • Respirators
  • Screwdrivers
  • Utility knives
  • Tool sets
  • Cordless power tool combo kits
  • Stacking tool storage systems
  • Stud finders
  • Power cutters
  • Measuring tapes
  • Battery packs

This is not an exhaustive list. To shop for all available HART tools, click here.

How Much Do HART Tools Cost At Walmart?

HART tools at Walmart range in price quite a bit considering that Walmart sells everything from simple screwdrivers to tool kits that include dozens of different tool types.

For example, a set of two HART-brand screwdrivers is currently available for just $4.96 on Walmart.com, while a HART 20v cordless 6-tool combo kit is priced at $198.

Generally speaking, HART tools are available for amazing prices, especially for the quality. 

According to ProToolReviews.com

“HART tools offer excellent value. It’s possible to find cheaper tools, but the price compared to the quality and performance you get is better than most of the other DIY brands we’ve used.”

How To Buy HART Tools At Walmart

The easiest way to purchase HART tools from Walmart is to shop on Walmart.com. Simply visit Walmart.com, type “Hart + the name of the tool you want” into the search bar, and voila! You’ll see a selection of HART tools to meet your needs.

You can also purchase HART tools in person at any Walmart Supercenter location. Simply visit the location of your choosing, find the hardware department, and check out the power tool aisle. If you’re shopping for hand tools or larger appliances like lawn mowers or leaf blowers, you will need to look in those respective sections. 

How To Register Your HART Tools At Walmart

Any time you purchase a HART tool from Walmart, you will be covered by a three-year limited warranty to protect you from manufacturer defects and premature tool failure. 

According to this warranty, HART will provide you with tool repairs, service, and replacement in accordance with their terms for a full three years from the purchase date.

But unfortunately, according to one user on GarageJournal.com, the HART tools warranty might not actually be all it’s cracked up to be:

HART Tools At Review

Regardless, you must register your HART tools in order to take advantage of your warranty. To register your HART tool, visit this registration page.

Are HART Tools Worth It?

Deciding whether HART tools are worth the investment depends on how (and how often) you plan on using your tools.

Consider the following questions…

  • Will you need your tools to withstand heavy duty jobs?
  • Will you be using your tools on a regular basis?
  • Can you afford to spend a little bit more on your tools?

If you plan on using your tools for any heavy duty jobs, if you need your tools on a regular basis, and if you can afford to spend a little more than the bare minimum, then it’s probably a good idea to upgrade from HART brand tools to something a bit more reliable.

While HART brand is known for being decent quality for the price, they shouldn’t be relied on if you are a contractor or even a DIY enthusiast who uses your tools regularly. Unfortunately, HART tools just aren’t made as sturdily as some other tools and won’t stand up to long-term, heavy-duty use.

Here are a few opinions from Reddit that might be helpful:

HART Tools At Review 1


Does Walmart repair HART tools?

No. While Walmart may be able to help you navigate your tool warranty, Walmart does not actually perform tool repairs. To find a HART tool service location, use this Service Center Locator

Are HART power tools only sold at Walmart?

Yes. While Walmart does not own the HART brand, they license it exclusively for sale in their stores and on Walmart.com.


HART tools are produced by a Hong Kong-based company called Techtronic Industries (TTI) and sold exclusively at Walmart stores and on Walmart.com. These tools are known for being extremely affordable while still being of fairly decent quality for the price. TTI also produces tools under the Milwaukee, Ryobi, and RIDGID brand names. All TTI tools are produced primarily in China, though they are designed in the USA.

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