How Does Ear Piercing Work At Walmart? (Types + Cost)

As of 2022, some Walmart locations offer ear piercing services. This only applies to Walmarts with jewelry counters, and even some jewelry counter locations might not offer this service. Walmart offers ear piercing services in about ⅓ of their stores (3400 piercing locations total).

You can find a Walmart location near you that offers piercing services by using this Walmart Piercing Locator tool.

walmart ear Piercing locator

However, Walmart did cease its ear piercing services in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and some locations never recommenced the service. So, if you want to be super sure that your local Walmart offers ear piercing, call or visit ahead and ask for the jewelry counter.

Now, just because Walmart does offer ear piercing doesn’t mean that they should. Or that anyone should take advantage of this service. Why? The main reason is that Walmart uses piercing guns rather than hollow piercing needles. Piercing guns are infamous for malfunctioning and making the healing process far more stubborn and painful.

Professional body piercing (the kind that happens at tattoo and piercing shops) is done with hollow needles, meaning that a very small segment of skin is removed to make room for the body jewelry.

Piercing guns, however, force a hole through the tissue, which can create scarring and bruising and make it much more difficult to heal your piercing. Piercings done with a piercing gun are much more likely to get infected and/or be rejected by your body.

Walmart Ear Piercing Age Policy

Anyone who wants to get their ears pierced must either be 18 years of age or older or be accompanied by a consenting parent or legal guardian. With parent permission, there is no minimum age requirement.

What Types Of Piercings Does Walmart Do?

The only part of the body you can get pierced by a Walmart employee is the ear lobe. The piercing service is free, but you have to pay for the body jewelry, which sells for an average of about $10.

Some Walmart locations may also be willing to pierce the upper cartilage of the ear, but Walmart will not pierce any of the inner parts of the ear beyond the ear lobe.

How Much Does Walmart Ear Piercing Cost?

Getting your ears pierced at Walmart is actually completely free. The only catch is that you have to purchase your body jewelry from the Walmart Jewelry Counter. Your options will be limited to a select range of earrings consisting of plain studs.

Some of these studs may contain gemstones or be made of hypoallergenic materials such as titanium or medical-grade stainless steel.

How Does Ear Piercing Work At Walmart?

Walmart Ear Piercing close up
Walmart’s ear piercing services are provided by a company called Inverness, which also sells home ear piercing kits through Walmart.

To get your ears pierced at Walmart, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Walmart store that offers ear piercing by using this locator tool
  2. Arrive at the Walmart location and find the jewelry department
  3. Let an associate know you would like to get your ear or ears pierced
  4. If you are a minor, you will need an accompanying parent or legal guardian to fill out a consent form
  5. The associate will then show you a selection of stud earrings to choose from (ears can only be pierced with studs at Walmart, as they use the piercing gun method which is not compatible with hoop or other style earrings)
  6. Once you have chosen your earrings, the employee will sterilize the tools and prepare you for the piercing
  7. The piercing process itself is done with a piercing gun, which uses force to insert the stud earring into your ear 
  8. Once your piercings are done, the associate will provide you with some information on how to care for your piercings and will ask you to pay for the cost of your jewelry

What To Do After You Get Your Ears Pierced?

Aftercare is the most important part of getting a part of your body pierced. Without proper care and cleaning, body piercings can easily become infected. In the worst cases, infected body jewelry may have to be removed completely and the piercing allowed to heal over.

To prevent infection, remember these ear piercing aftercare tips:

    1. The studs you were pierced with should stay in your ears at all times for at least 6 weeks (removing your earrings early can irritate the piercing, increase the likelihood of infection, and increase the likelihood of your holes closing up)
    2. Thoroughly clean your pierced ears 2-3 per day for at least the first 6 weeks using a designated piercing care solution (it’s best not to use pure alcohol, as this can be too harsh and lead to irritation of the tissue)
    3. Do not touch your piercings unless you are cleaning them
  • If you are experiencing excessive pain, swelling, bruising, or bleeding at the piercing site, see a doctor immediately

Is Walmart Good For Ear Piercing?

Unfortunately, while getting your ears pierced at Walmart might be convenient, the experience can be hit or miss. 

Take it from these folks on Reddit, including one person who used to work as a piercer at the Walmart Jewelry Counter:

Walmart Ear Piercing Review 1

In response to the Quora question “Is it safe to get your ears pierced at Walmart?” one user offered some very sound advice:

Walmart Ear Piercing review 2

If nothing else, take it from me: I got my ears pierced with a piercing gun when I was 10, and it was the worst body piercing experience I’ve ever had (I now have 8 piercings total). I can’t speak to Walmart’s services specifically (because I would never dare), but I can firmly recommend against ever getting a piercing with a piercing gun, due to all of the aforementioned reasons. 


What gauge is a Walmart ear piercing?

Piercing guns are designed to pierce at 0.8mm or 24g.

What time does Walmart ear piercing open and close?

This depends on the location. Walmart ear piercing services are open during the same hours as the Walmart Jewelry Counter. Contact your local Walmart to find out their hours of operation.

Does Walmart sell ear piercing kits?

Yes. You can choose from several different varieties of home ear piercing kits at Walmart, with some starting at just $14.88. Browse online here.

Can you buy ear piercing guns at Walmart?

Yes. Walmart sells several different varieties of ear piercing kits, including some with piercing guns.

Does Walmart sell ear piercing cleaner?

Yes. You can shop several different varieties of ear piercing solution on here.


Technically, Walmart is a place you can go to get your ears pierced. They offer a wide range of body jewelry and will pierce your ears for free once you pay for your earrings. Unfortunately, because of the methods they use, they’re not a place everyone should go for a piercing.

Piercing guns are known for being hazardous, unsanitary, and outdated due to the technology they rely on. Hollow needles are the way to go when it comes to body piercing, and the only place you’re going to find those is at a tattoo shop or body piercing shop. Leave it to the professionals, and save the Walmart Jewelry Counter for things that don’t require putting holes in your body.

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