Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Afterpay?

Buy now, pay later payment methods have become all the rage recently. More convenient than a credit card (and interest-free if you use them right), these apps can save you a lot of headache when it comes to making purchases you can’t quite afford in full yet.

Unfortunately, Afterpay is not one of the payment methods accepted by Walmart.


However, Walmart does accept PayPal and Affirm, which both offer “buy now, pay later” options. This makes it possible to shop at Walmart even if you can’t pay in full for your purchases right away.

Companies like Klarna and Zip (formerly known as Quadpay) both claim to be compatible with Walmart. However, Walmart does not list either of these services as accepted forms of payment in their official policy.

If you’d like to try using Zip for an in-store purchase at Walmart, try following these steps provided by Zip:

How to use Zip App

Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Afterpay?

It’s not entirely clear why Walmart doesn’t accept Afterpay, but it’s likely because they accept other “buy now, pay later” options, including PayPal and Affirm.

What “Buy Now, Pay Later” Apps Work With Walmart?

Walmart accepts PayPal and Affirm, which both offer “buy now, pay later” payment options.

There are also ways that you can use Zip and Klarna to shop at Walmart, but the process is a little different.

To learn how to use the Klarna app to shop at Walmart and pay for your purchases in 4 installments, click here.

How Does Walmart’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” Plan Work?

The primary way to “buy now, pay later” at Walmart is by using the Affirm app.

Affirm is a financial service allowing users to pay for the purchases over the course of 4 split installments. Users can also make payments on a monthly basis if they choose. Like most services of its kind, Affirm boasts zero late fees and does not negatively affect your credit score when and if you miss a payment.

However, because Affirm is not connected to your credit score at all, you also cannot build credit by using this service.

To use Affirm at Walmart, simply shop as you normally would, and then select “Affirm” as your chosen payment method when you reach the checkout page. Please note that you must already be signed up for an Affirm account to use this service. You can download the Affirm app through the app store on your mobile device.

Once you submit your purchase with Affirm, you will be expected to make payments according to your chosen payment schedule through your Affirm account. Affirm will send you reminders based on your chosen payment schedule.

For more information on how to finance with Affirm at Walmart, including instructions for making in-store purchases, click here

Note that some items, including alcohol, baby food, groceries and other food items, weapons, pet supplies, and more cannot be purchased from Walmart with Affirm and must be purchased in full at checkout.

It’s also important to know that Walmart only accepts Affirm installment plan payments for purchases ranging from $150 to $2000. So, for smaller purchases or more expensive items, the total purchase amount will be due at checkout.

What Items At Walmart Can You Buy With Pay Later Apps?

It’s true that Walmart has a long list of exceptions when it comes to items that can’t be purchased with Affirm.

But there are still plenty of items that qualify.

Eligible items include the following categories:

  • Electronics
  • Video games
  • Toys
  • Home goods
  • Arts & crafts
  • Musical instruments
  • Home improvement goods
  • Auto supplies
  • Sports & outdoor equipment
  • Tools
  • Baby items
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel


Does Walmart accept Quadpay or Afterpay?

No. Walmart does not accept Quadpay or Afterpay. However, Quadpay (now called Zip) has a workaround enabling users to add a Zip “card” number” to the Walmart app, which can be used for purchases. 

Does Walmart accept Afterpay financing?

No. Walmart does not accept Afterpay in any form.

Can you split payments at Walmart?

Yes. There are several ways to split payments while shopping at Walmart, including by using PayPal, Affirm, Zip, or Klarna. PayPal and Affirm can be used directly through Walmart as accepted forms of payment, while Zip and Klarna must be used through their own app services. See instructions provided above.

Does Walmart accept Paypal?

Yes. PayPal is one of Walmart’s accepted forms of payment.

What other stores accept Afterpay?

Afterpay is accepted at a wide range of stores, including Target, Footlocker, and Kmart.


Walmart doesn’t accept Afterpay, but you can still “buy now, pay later” from this major retailer. Try using the Affirm app to finance your Walmart purchases, both in store or online, allowing you to pay for your purchases in monthly installments. You can also use PayPal anytime you shop at Walmart, but many items are not eligible for financing.

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