All Walmart Employees Get Free Walmart Plus Memberships

In March 2022, Walmart first announced that they would be offering free Walmart Plus memberships to all of their associates.

At the same time, they announced a promotion in partnership with Spotify to offer all Walmart+ members six months of free service through Spotify Premium.

If you are a Walmart+ member interested in signing up for Spotify Premium, click here.

As a Walmart associate, you automatically qualify for a free Walmart Plus membership simply through your employment at Walmart. However, you will not receive your membership automatically, and you must sign up to claim this offer.

To sign up, you will need to log onto a designated employee computer at your Walmart store location. Keep reading for more information on how to do this.

If you’re not a Walmart employee, check out our general guide to Walmart Plus here.

Membership Benefits

The key benefits of a Walmart Plus membership include…

  • Free grocery delivery ($35 order minimum)
  • Free shipping for all standard online orders (excludes Marketplace and freight items)
  • Free Paramount+ membership
  • Six months of free Spotify premium
  • $0.10 per gallon fuel discount at Walmart fuel stations, Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy

If you are not a Walmart associate, Walmart+ membership costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year.

Membership Exclusions

There honestly aren’t very many exclusions to a Walmart Plus Membership. The most notable one is that you must spend at least $35 to get free delivery when ordering through Walmart grocery delivery.  If you aren’t a Walmart Plus member, you will have to pay about $10 per order to have your grocery orders delivered to your home.

Some other exclusions include…

  • Free shipping does not apply to orders from Walmart Marketplace sellers
  • Free shipping does not apply to freight items (oversized items that cannot be shipped through standard mail delivery)
  • Accounts cannot be shared among family members or friends

Walmart+ vs Amazon Prime

While Walmart is certainly trying to catch up with the benefits of Amazon Prime by including things like a streaming service membership, the fact remains that an Amazon Prime account still offers more benefits to members each month than a Walmart Plus membership.

A standard Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year, after your initial 30-day free trial is up. Prime members also receive discounts on groceries when shopping at Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh.

With your Prime Membership, you will also get access to Amazon Prime’s streaming service as well as Amazon Music, where you can listen to your favorite artists and podcasts ad free all day.

Some other benefits of Prime membership include…

  • One free Twitch channel subscription per month
  • Free video games and in-game content
  • Exclusive Prime member discounts
  • Access to Prime Reading and Amazon Photos
  • Discounts on medication at 60k pharmacies nationwide
  • “Try Before You Buy” (which allows shoppers to order clothes, try them on at home, and then ship them back for no charge if they don’t like them)

Amazon also offers a student discount, meaning that students only pay $7.49 per month for their Prime membership. If you are receiving certain types of government assistance, you can receive an even steeper discount on your Prime membership, paying just $6.99 per month.

Another benefit of Amazon Prime is that you can share your membership benefits with another adult in your household, unlike with Walmart+ which is limited to the individual account holder.

How To Sign Up For Walmart Plus?

As a Walmart associate, the process of signing up for Walmart Plus is a bit different than for regular customers.

Here are the key things to know about signing up for Walmart+ as an associate…

  • To sign up you must be clocked in and use a work computer (you cannot sign up from home)
  • From the work computer, search “W+” in the search bar for the enrollment link (you might also see a link directly on the main page for Walmart+ membership sign up)
  • You will then be required to watch three short training videos (about 10 minutes total)
  • Once you’ve done this, click “Accept and Submit”
  • A new page will load where you will need to enter your email address to create your Walmart+ account (you can use your existing account if you’d like)

It’s important to note that if you already have a paid Walmart+ membership, it must be canceled prior to signing up for your free associate account.

You might see a tax show up on your paystub for your Walmart+ account, but Walmart will reimburse you for this charge on a later paycheck.

Temporary Walmart employees do not qualify for promotional Plus membership. This means that in order to qualify for membership, you must be employed by Walmart for a minimum of 90 consecutive days before signing up.

This information was gathered from a Walmart bot on Reddit.

Other Deals Available To Walmart Associates

The Walmart Associate Discount Center is an online portal where Walmart employees can find discounts offered by thousands of brands, including travel deals, discounted cell phone plans, and more.

According to Walmart, some of the most popular discounts available include 50% off tickets to zoos and aquariums, 40% off movie theater tickets, and access to the Walmart Employee Auto Buying Service. Through this service, you can save up to $3400 when purchasing a new vehicle.

Here are some other examples of Walmart Associate Discount Center deals…

  • Discounted theme park tickets
  • Hotel discounts
  • Car rental discounts
  • Discounted cruise tickets
  • Walmart Family Mobile cell phone plans

It’s important to note that the Associate Discount Center is different from the Walmart Associate Discount Card. Discount Cards are distributed to all new permanent Walmart employees after their 91st day of consecutive employment. These cards can be used at Walmart stores to receive a 10% discount on general merchandise and fresh produce. They cannot be used to avail discounts anywhere other than Walmart or

Unfortunately, Walmart employees cannot receive additional discounts during sales and promotions such as Black Friday.


Is Walmart Plus available everywhere?

No. As of 2023, Walmart Plus is only available in the US.

Is there a minimum order for Walmart Plus?

No. However, if you spend less than $35 when shopping through same-day grocery delivery on, you will be charged for delivery. Non-grocery orders placed through qualify for free shipping regardless of how much you spend.

How can you get a free Walmart Plus membership?

By becoming a Walmart employee. All permanent employees qualify for a free Walmart+ membership. You can also receive a 30-day free trial of Walmart Plus any time regardless of whether or not you are an employee. To sign up for a free Walmart Plus trial, click here. As long as you cancel before 30 days have passed, you will not be charged.

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