Are AirPods At Walmart Real? (+Cost)

There’s a common misconception that Walmart sells low quality products. But rest assured that when you buy a name-brand product from Walmart, you’re buying the real thing.

The AirPods sold at Walmart are 100% authentic. You can find the latest models (while supplies last) in stores and on, including the new second generation AirPod Pros.

Of course, Walmart also sells a wide range of off-brand wireless earbuds similar to AirPods, but these products aren’t necessarily trying to pass themselves off as AirPods. They’re just different.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the current prices of AirPods at Walmart (including Black Friday deals), plus everything you need to know about the off-brand options.

AirPods At Walmart

How Much Do AirPods Cost At Walmart?

As the retailer with the lowest prices on many popular products, Walmart often offers competitive prices on notoriously expensive items like AirPods. Let’s see how they’re measuring up this season…

Walmart is currently selling second generation Apple AirPods for just $119. On November 21st, this price will drop to $79 temporarily as part of Walmart’s Black Friday sales promotion.

You can also purchase Pro AirPods from for $159 (temporarily discounted from $179.98).

Second generation Pro AirPods are currently priced at $199.99 on (temporarily discounted from $239).

You might be asking why and how AirPods are so cheap at Walmart…

…but they’re actually available for significantly less elsewhere. Best Buy currently has second generation AirPods available for just $99.99, while original AirPods are priced at just $79.99. 

So, maybe we shouldn’t be asking why they’re so cheap at Walmart, but actually… why are they so expensive? 

Walmart Off-Brand AirPods vs. Apple AirPods

In addition to AirPods, also features a wide selection of wireless earbuds (essentially off-brand AirPods), ranging in price from $19 (Skullcandy) to $179 (Bose).

But how do these knock-offs measure up to Apple AirPods? Let’s find out…

First off, it’s worth noting that the $19 Skullcandy earbuds are actually one of Walmart’s best sellers in the wireless earbud category, and they hold a solid 4 out of 5 stars from almost 400 customer reviews. Skullcandy products aren’t known for lasting very long, but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative that will get the job done for now, these could be a great choice.

Another best seller is the Beats Studio Buds which are currently on sale for $99.95 (a whopping 30% off their standard retail price). Unfortunately, they’re currently out of stock on at the time this article was written. If you catch them back in stock before the price goes back, we’d say these are a major steal for the quality, as they’re definitely on par with AirPods.

A surprising dark horse in the off-brand category are the JLab Go Air Pop Bluetooth Earbuds, currently priced at $23.05 and boasting an impressive 4.6 stars out of nearly 2000 reviews. For price, popularity, and overall customer satisfaction, we’d say these easily win out as the go-to off-brand choice against AirPods.

Here’s a great review about the JLab earbuds from a satisfied and knowledgeable customer:

It’s important to remember that when you purchase any Apple product, part of what you’re paying for is the brand name itself. You’re paying for the sleek white aesthetics as much as you’re paying for the technology.

So, if that doesn’t matter to you as much, try checking out some of the alternatives that are equal in quality if not superior.


Did Walmart have AirPods for $99?

Yes. During Walmart’s 2020 Black Friday sales event, they ran a popular deal for $99 Apple AirPods.

Does Walmart sell original Apple products?

Yes. Walmart stocks a wide range of genuine Apple products, including AirPods, iPhones, MacBooks, etc.

Can you return AirPods bought online to Walmart stores?

Yes. Items purchased online directly from Walmart (not a third-party seller) can always be returned to physical Walmart locations. To be granted a refund, however, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of a packing slip. 

Can you buy AirPods at Walmart in person?

Yes. As long as your local Walmart has supplies in stock, you can purchase AirPods from Walmart in person.

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