7 Things You Should Always Buy At Walmart (And Some You Shouldn’t)

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Walmart has a reputation of being the cheapest retailer around. But is this actually true? I set out to find out which items are actually less expensive at Walmart and which ones you should shop for elsewhere.

After quite a bit of research, here’s my list of the seven items that are always less expensive at Walmart.

Photo Prints

If you’re in the market for having your digital photos printed, then Walmart is your best option when it comes to pricing. When compared to places like CVS, Target, and Walgreens, Walmart reliably offers the lowest prices on printed photos. Currently, you’ll pay just $0.12 per 4×6 print when you have your digital color photos printed through a Walmart Photo Center.


Infamously overpriced yet critically important, insulin is available to Walmart shoppers at a fraction of the price of competitors. ReliOn human insulin vials are available at Walmart for just $25 per vial, which is far less expensive than other insulin brands. ReliOn NovoLog analog insulin is available for $72.88 per vial at Walmart for shoppers who prefer analog to human insulin. If you’re a diabetic who relies on insulin but can’t afford to pay for your current prescription, consider switching to ReliOn insulin from Walmart.


If you’ve done any traveling recently, then you know how expensive a new suitcase can be. I was shocked when I started shopping for a new carry-on bag recently and realized many of them are priced at well over $100. Luckily, Walmart is a super reliable place to find luggage priced well below competitors. In fact, the least expensive hard-shell suitcase available on Walmart.com right now is just $35, while the cheapest one at Target is priced at over $50.

Children’s Bicycles

Kids’ bikes are yet another find that you can expect to save big on when shopping at Walmart. I compared their prices to both Target and Amazon, and Walmart won out on both fronts. You can find bikes for kids of almost any age, many of which are available for well under $100. Shop for children’s bikes on Walmart.com here.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

If you’re like me, you can’t live without a bottle of ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet. Luckily, Walmart is a reliably cheap source for both name-brand and generic ibuprofen. They’re currently selling a 100-count bottle of 200mg tablets for just $1.98. Granted, the Target store brand equivalent is just one cent more at $1.99. Amazon, on the other hand, sells a 10-count bottle of Advil for a whopping $1.97, which is about ten times more expensive than Walmart’s pricing. You can also find pain relievers from Advil, Bayer, and Aleve at Walmart for competitive prices.

Keurig Coffee Makers

Trust me, I did the research–Walmart has the cheapest Keurigs on the market. Walmart.com is currently selling a K-Express Essentials Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker for just $49.50. A similar Keurig model on Amazon.com is priced at $73.99 (a temporary 25% price reduction), while the cheapest Keurig at Target is the Keurig K-Express Coffee Maker, currently available for $79.99 on Target.com.

Digital Cameras

Finally, the last category of items that are surprisingly affordable at Walmart are digital cameras. As many of us transition to using our cell phones as our only cameras, many retailers have stopped selling digital cameras altogether. In fact, when you search “camera” on most retail websites these days, you mostly just get hits for home security cameras. But Walmart hasn’t forgotten the beauty of an old-fashioned point-and-shoot camera. Right now, you can buy a 16-megapixel compact digital camera for just $29.99 on Walmart.com. Walmart also sells cameras from Canon, Instax, Polaroid, Kodak, and more, ranging from disposable cameras to pro-level D-SLRs. 

Things To Avoid

Several sources online claim that diapers, laptops, paper towels, and bedding are all less expensive at Walmart than other retailers. But this simply isn’t true.

When compared to the pricing of Target and Amazon, Walmart lost out on all fronts. Target is far more affordable when it comes to laptops, paper towels, and diapers, while Amazon is the cheapest place to buy bedding, especially for king-size beds. Amazon is also the cheapest option for dog and cat beds, despite sources online claiming that Walmart’s dog beds are cheaper.

The big takeaway here is that it’s important not to assume that Walmart has the cheapest prices just because that’s what their reputation would have you believe. Many retailers are cutting prices in response to inflation to try to retain customers, so it’s a good time to shop around and find out who’s actually offering the best deals.

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