How Much Does Tire Balancing Cost At Walmart?

Did you know that Walmart has an auto and tire care division called the Walmart Auto Care Center? That’s right. At Walmart’s Auto Care Centers, you can take advantage of all sorts of services from oil changes to tire balancing and rotation.

Walmart will even balance tires purchased elsewhere, so you don’t necessarily have to shop at Walmart to avail these affordable services.

Walmart Tire Balancing Cost

How Much Does Tire Balancing Cost At Walmart?

Walmart Auto Care Center combines their tire balancing and rotation service, for a total cost of $15 per tire. So, for a standard 4-wheel vehicle, you can expect to pay $60 for balancing, which includes tire rotation, plus tax.

However, there’s a bonus if you purchase your tires at Walmart. For customers who drive with Walmart tires, the company offers free lifetime balancing and rotation after every 7,500 miles driven.

It’s also important to note, though, that the installation package is not free. So, you still have to pay $15 per tire ($60 toal for a standard vehicle) at the time of installation in order to gain access to the lifetime balancing and rotation perk. Still, if you get your Walmart tires balanced more than once during their lifetime, you’ve already saved 100% on your investment.

Other Walmart Auto Center Services

Walmart Auto Care Center doesn’t just do tire balancing and rotation. They offer a wide range of services to help you keep your vehicle operating at its best.

Here is a list of their services, including prices:

  • Standard oil change – $32.88
  • High mileage oil change – $42.88
  • Semi-synthetic oil change – $42.88
  • Synthetic oil change – $52.88
  • “Pit Crew” (includes up to 5 quarts of oil, new oil filter, chassis lubrication, tire pressure check and battery performance check – does NOT include oil change service) – $22.88
  • Tire mounting – $5-$10 per tire
  • Tire balance and rotation – $15 per tire
  • Road hazard warranty – $10 per tire
  • Valve stem installation – $3 per tire
  • Flat tire repair – $15 per tire
  • Tire rotation – $2.50 per tire
  • Lug nut replacement – $2 per lug nut
  • Fuel system maintenance – $20
  • Wiper blades and installation – $10 per blade
  • Air filter installation – free
  • Headlight restoration – $25 per vehicle
  • Headlight installation – $7.50 per headlight
  • Miniature bulb installation – $5 per bulb
  • Battery installation – $10 (free for batteries purchased at Walmart)

How To Schedule An Appointment For Tire Balancing?

To book an appointment at a Walmart Auto Care Center, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center using this store finder tool
  2. When you find the store location you’d like to visit, click “details”
  3. From here, you will be able to see whether “Auto Care Center” is listed under the services available at that store. You will also be able to see the store’s hours of operation.
  4. Call the phone number listed and follow the prompts to speak to the Auto Care Center
  5. Request an appointment

If you’re purchasing new tires on or through the Walmart app, you will also be able to schedule your tire installation appointment online as part of the checkout process. For more information on how to do this, click here.

Walmart Auto Care Centers typically accept walk-ins as well. However, availability for walk-in appointments will vary depending on how busy the technicians are at the time.

It’s important to note that while many Walmart locations are open until 11pm or later, most Auto Care Centers close around 6pm.

Tire Balancing Process At Walmart

The tire balancing process at Walmart involves removing each tire and placing it on a highly calibrated balancer to evenly distribute the weight of the wheel and wheel assembly.

The time this process takes can vary a lot depending on how busy the Auto Care Center is at any given time. As a standalone service, tire balancing can take anywhere from 45 minute to 2 hours.

To avoid extended wait times, it’s always best to make an appointment ahead of time rather than requesting a service like this on a walk-in basis.

4 Signs Your Car Needs Tire Balancing

If you’re not sure what to look for when considering whether to have your tires balanced, we have you covered.

Here are the top 4 signs that your tires need to be balanced:

  • Uneven wear on tire tread
  • Vibration in steering wheel, floor, or seat
  • Uneven tire pressure
  • Poor fuel economy

One of the main reasons tires become unbalanced is the loss of wheel weights. All vehicle tires should have wheel weights as part of the wheel assembly to ensure that the tires are properly balanced. However, rough driving, hitting a speed bump at a high speed, hitting a curb, or doing anything else that can suddenly disrupt your wheel assemblies can cause these wheel weights to fall off, leading to an uneven distribution of weight amongst your tires.

Is It Worth Balancing Your Tires?

If you’re invested in the longevity of your vehicle and tires and you prefer a smooth ride, then balancing your tires is definitely worth the time and investment.

Tire balancing can reduce wear and tear on your drive train, make for a smooth and less shaky ride in your vehicle, and prolong the life of your tires by decreasing the likelihood of uneven tread wear.

Can You Balance Your Own Wheels?

If you’re someone who’s into DIY car maintenance and you have the space and time, balancing your own tires is definitely an option. Depending on how much you drive, you could save upwards of $100 per year by doing this task yourself.

Check out this tutorial on how to balance your own tires.


Does Walmart tire prices include installation, balancing, and alignment?

No. When you purchase your tires at Walmart, you pay extra for the installation package, which includes balancing and a few other perks. The standard installation package costs $15 per tire, or $60 for a standard 4-wheel vehicle. However, alignment is not a service offered by the Walmart Auto Care Center.

Does Walmart have lifetime tire balancing?

Yes. For tires installed at Walmart, customers receive lifetime balancing and rotation. 

Does Walmart do tune ups?

No. A “tune up” typically involves checking all of your vehicle’s systems that affect the combustion process, including the exhaust system, fuel lines, belts and hoses, etc. The Walmart Auto Care Center only offers basic services such as oil changes, tire installation, and headlight installation.

Does Walmart check tire pressure for free?

Yes. Walmart will check tire pressure for free even if you aren’t seeking other services. However, if you need your tires inflated or deflated, this will likely come with a service charge.

Do you need to balance all 4 tires?

Yes. In order to truly balance your vehicle, all four tires should be balanced at the same time.

How often should you balance your wheels?

Most manufacturers recommend balancing your wheels approximately every 7,000 miles.


Walmart is undoubtedly a great place to have your tires balanced. At just $60 for a standard vehicle, tire balancing at Walmart is super affordable, especially since you’ll likely only need to seek out this service once or twice per year.

Plus, if you purchase your tires at Walmart and pay for the initial installation package, then you will receive lifetime tire balancing and rotation for free!

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