How Does Walmart’s Spark Reviewer Program Work?

Have you ever heard of the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program? If not, you’re in for a big surprise. In fact, the Walmart Spark program is so secretive that some Walmart shoppers have speculated whether the program even exists.

To learn all about this exclusive rewards program and how to take advantage of it, keep reading! 

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How Does Walmart Spark Review Work?

The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is an invite-only customer-participation program that creates opportunities for frequent Walmart shoppers to receive free products in exchange for writing honest (yet favorable) reviews on

This is not to be confused with the Walmart Customer Spark Community, which is another invite-only program that invites Walmart customers to earn points towards Walmart eGift Cards by writing product reviews (for items purchased by the customer), completing customer surveys and interviews, and more.

The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is considered more desirable than the Walmart Customer Spark Community due to the perk of receiving free products. Here, we will be focusing primarily on the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program.

But how exactly does this program work?

Once you become a Spark reviewer, you will become eligible to receive offers to review specific products (which you will receive in the mail free of charge). The more offers you accept and the more reviews you leave, the more offers you will continue to receive. Once you complete your review, you get to keep whatever products you receive through the review program. 

Remember: The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is different from the Walmart Customer Spark Community. Spark Community members fill out customer surveys and interviews in exchange for points that go towards earning Walmart eGift Cards. Surveys earn customers about 50 points each, but this varies depending on the length of the survey. It takes about 800 points to earn a $5 Walmart eGift Card.

Here is a helpful post from a Reddit user explaining the difference between these two programs:

Walmart Spark Review

How To Effectively Leverage Walmart Reviews For Spark?

Because Walmart Spark is an invite-only program, those who want to participate in the program have to “earn” their way to an invite.

And while there is no sure-fire way to guarantee yourself an invitation to the Spark program, there are definitely things you can do to make an invite more likely.

Here are some ideas for how to increase your chances of being invited into the Spark program:

  • Sign up for a account  – (without a account, you won’t have a chance of being invited to join Spark, as this program relies entirely on interaction with the company’s online interface)
  • Make frequent purchases from or through the Walmart app
  • Leave favorable reviews for every product you buy
  • Focus on reviewing new and/or popular products – (try looking in the “Featured Brands,” “Top Departments,” and “Brands We Love” sections for products that are more likely to get you noticed when you leave a review)

How To Join Walmart Spark Rewards?

The most important thing to know about Walmart’s Spark program is that it operates on an invite-only basis. This means that no one can voluntarily join the program without being approached by Walmart first.

Technically, all Walmart shoppers are eligible to be invited into the Spark program. However, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances.

Here are some basic prerequisites for getting invited to be a Walmart Spark Reviewer:

  • Be an active user on or the Walmart app
  • Make frequent online purchases from Walmart
  • Leave favorable reviews for all or most of the items you purchase

How To Get Invited By Walmart Spark Review

The single most reliable way to get invited to be a Walmart Spark reviewer is to write your own independent reviews for products on The more independent customer reviews you write, the higher your chances are of being invited to participate in the Spark program.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed process for getting invited to Spark.

That said, if you follow these steps, you can increase your chances significantly of receiving an invite:

  • Create a account
  • Purchase items featured in popular sections of the site or app
  • Leave favorable reviews of these products once you receive them

Some other tips for increasing your chances of getting a Spark invitation include:

  • Make sure your reviews are favorable, easy to read, and free of typos or punctuation errors.
  • Leave reviews that are longer than just a couple of words. A few full sentences of positive feedback will get you a long way!
  • Be honest, but steer clear of leaving negative reviews. If you’re trying to get invited to join Spark, it’s better to skip reviewing a product you didn’t care for than to leave a scathing review.

How To Join Walmart’s Spark Activities

Walmart Spark “activities” could refer to a couple different things:

  1. A Walmart reviewer receiving a free product and reviewing that product on
  2. A Walmart Spark Community member participating in surveys, interviews, etc. to earn points towards a Walmart eGift Card

For Walmart Spark Community members, “activities” include things like:

  • Completing customer surveys
  • Writing product reviews (for products purchased by the customer)
  • Completing customer interviews

When you join the Spark program, these are the types of activities you will be invited to participate in in exchange for “points.”

When you join Spark as a reviewer, the only activities you will be asked to participate in are sampling free products and writing honest (yet favorable) reviews on

By joining either of these programs, you will receive a link to the websites used to log in to your participant account. From there, you can claim specific activities when they come up.


Do you really get free product samples when you participate in Spark reviews?

Yes. When you are invited to participate in a Spark review as an official Spark reviewer, you will receive a free sample of the product you’re being asked to review.

Here is a testament from a Spark reviewer regarding free samples:

Walmart Spark Review 1

Do Walmart Spark reviewers earn?

No. However, you do receive free product samples as a Spark reviewer, and you can also earn points towards modest Walmart eGift Cards as a Spark Community member.

How long does it take for Spark to approve you?

This depends. There is no designated amount of time that it takes for Spark to approve and begin issuing activities to a specific reviewer. And unfortunately, this process can sometimes take quite a while. Here is some input from a couple of Reddit users that might help:

Walmart Spark Review 2


The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is an exclusive, invite-only rewards program designed to encourage Walmart customers to leave honest reviews of products on As a reviewer, you will have the opportunity to receive free product samples from Walmart in exchange for an honest review.

In order to be invited into the program, you must have a account, and you can increase your chances of receiving an invite by leaving reviews for products you’ve purchased yourself.

The Walmart Spark Reviewer program is not to be confused with the Walmart Spark Community, which is a different program allowing customers to earn points towards Walmart eGift Cards for completing certain online activities. Walmart Spark Community members do not receive free product samples.

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