Why Does Walmart Not Replace Watch Batteries?

Despite some conflicting information available online, Walmart does not replace watch batteries.

It’s not entirely clear why Walmart does not offer this service, but it’s likely because they are not equipped with the right tools or employees.Walmart Replace Watch BatteriesOther Places to Get your Battery Replaced

The best places to go to get a watch battery replaced are watch repair shops or fine jewelers. Anyone who works with watches or jewelry in a professional capacity should be able to replace your watch battery for you.

If your smart watch is having battery issues, then try reaching out to the manufacturer to find out how you can get the battery replaced.

How To Change Watch Battery Without Tools?

If you’d like to attempt to change the batteries in your watch without having to buy a battery replacement kit, you might have some luck.

The process includes:

  1. Removing the back cover from your watch
  2. Removing the old batteries
  3. Inserting new batteries
  4. Closing your watch

Here’s a YouTube tutorial made specifically for people trying to replace watch batteries without the use of tools.

Does Walmart Sell Watch Batteries?

Even though Walmart won’t replace your watch batteries for you, you can still buy the supplies you’ll need to do it yourself.

You can purchase watch batteries as well as a wide range of tools for replacing your own watch batteries on Walmart.com here.

A single Duracell watch battery starts at $1.39. You can also buy a pack of 25 Sony batteries for $19.75.

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