Walmart Closing Hours (All Services)

Walmart store hours vary by location, with most Walmart stores opening at 6AM and closing at 11PM.

While many Walmart locations used to be famous for staying open 24 hours a day, this convenient policy unfortunately ended during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. As of November 2022, it’s unclear whether Walmart plans to return to 24-hour service in the future.

In fact, the director of Walmart’s press office, Charles Crowson, told a local news source in August that “there are no plans at this time to return […] Walmart stores to 24-hour […] operations.”

What Are Walmart’s Store Hours?

As a general rule, Walmart stores open at 6AM and close at 11PM in the US. In other countries, these hours may vary, as they do from state to state and region to region. To find out exactly when your local Walmart opens and closes, use Walmart’s handy store locator tool.

According to, Walmart’s 2022 holiday schedule has them open from 12am to 6pm on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day. Outside of these two exceptions, Walmart stores adhere to regular hours every other day of the year.

According to, Walmart also plans to slightly alter their hours for Black Friday 2022. On this day (Friday, November 25th), some stores will open one hour early at 5AM instead of 6AM.

When Do Other Walmart Services Close?

Even though Walmart stores have wide opening hours, not all Walmart departments are open during this same window.

Here are some exceptions to Walmart’s general opening hours:

  • Most Walmart Pharmacy locations open at 9AM and close between 7PM and 9PM.
  • Most Walmart Vision Centers operate from 9AM to 6PM.
  • Most Walmart Auto Care Centers open at either 7AM or 8AM and close at either 6PM or 7PM.
  • Walmart Money Centers are typically open any time Walmart stores are open.

As always, to find out the exact hours of each department at your local Walmart location, contact the store directly.

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