What Kind Of Cakes Does Walmart Make?

If you’re in the market for a cake for your next birthday party, wedding, or other special occasion, the Walmart bakery is a popular place to look. Offering a wide range of cakes from single cupcakes to two-tier wedding cakes, Walmart can meet just about all your cake needs at a very reasonable price.

Walmart sells fully customizable sheet cakes, round cakes, and cupcakes. They also sell themed cakes for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and more.

Walmart Cakes

The cake flavors available for a custom Walmart cake include:

  • White
  • Chocolate

The fillings include:

  • Strawberry
  • Bavarian cream

The icing types include:

  • Buttercream
  • Whipped

If you’re wondering if Walmart makes custom photo cakes, we have the answers you’re looking for…

Unfortunately, you cannot order a custom photo cake from Walmart. However, Walmart sells a separate product to fit your needs. Check out this custom edible photo image cake topper available for sale on Walmart.com for $16.99. You can order this cake topper in the size you need using your own original image, and a third-party company will have it delivered to you within just a few days. Then, you can simply place the cake topper on top of your Walmart cake.

Before ordering a cake from Walmart, it’s important to know that Walmart does not actually bake their own cakes. Instead, they order their cakes and cupcakes frozen, then decorate them to fill custom orders. Other cakes, such as their pre-designed holiday cakes, arrive at Walmart pre-baked and pre-decorated for resale.

While some sources claim that Walmart orders their cakes from Pillsbury, we haven’t been able to confirm this information. Walmart does hold a major contract with a company called Midstate Bakery Distributors, but it’s unclear whether this distributor supplies Walmart’s cakes.

How Much Do Walmart Cakes Cost?

Walmart cakes range in price from $4.48 for a single custom cupcake to $84 for a two-tiered birthday theme cake or wedding cake.

However, the majority of Walmart’s cakes can be purchased for about $30. For example, a full-size, fully customizable round cake is available for just $27.98 from Walmart.

How To Order A Cake From Walmart

There are two ways to order a Walmart cake–online or in person. However, the majority of Walmart’s cake orders are placed online.

To place an online cake order:

walmart online cake order process

To order a custom cake from your local Walmart in person:

walmart inperson cake order process

How Long Does It Take?

Walmart recommends placing custom cake orders at least 24 hours in advance. If you’re ordering an especially complex cake such as a wedding cake or other tiered cake, it’s best to place your order about a week in advance.

Does Walmart Deliver Cakes Ordered Online?

Walmart does not offer cake delivery at this time. However, you might be able to find a delivery company that can help.

GrubHub and Uber Eats both offer delivery services from Walmart’s bakery. The only complication is that custom cakes take about 24 hours to be ready for pickup, so it’s unclear whether these courier services are equipped to manage a delayed delivery. If you have one or both of these apps, though, it’s worth a try.

Otherwise, you will have to pick up your own cake or have a friend or family member help you.

Do Walmart Cakes Taste Good?

Walmart isn’t always known for having the highest quality food items, but their cakes have a pretty good reputation.

Here’s some helpful input from a few Reddit users who both enjoy Walmart cakes:

walmart cake review 1

Many customers seem to agree that the buttercream frosting is far superior to the whipped frosting:

walmart cake review 2Overall, it seems that Walmart cakes are fairly tasty, but some ingredients are preferable over others.


Can you buy Walmart cakes with EBT?

Yes. EBT can be used to purchase any grocery items that are not served hot (such as hot bar or made-to-order items). 

How much is a 3-tier wedding cake at Walmart?

Walmart does not sell three-tier cakes. However, they do sell two-tier wedding cakes which range in price from $68 to $74.

Does Walmart sell tres leches cake?

No. However, you can find tres leches cake at Costco.

Is Walmart’s first birthday cake free?

Sort of. The only way to get a “free” 1st birthday cake (also called a “smash” cake) from Walmart is to spend at least $14.98 on other bakery items first. Once your order has reached this threshold, you can qualify for a complimentary 6” white or chocolate cake.

Does Walmart sell cake pops?

Yes. Cake pops can be purchased on Walmart.com through a company called From You Flowers.

Does Walmart have gluten-free cakes?

Yes. While the Walmart bakery does not offer gluten-free cake options through their standard ordering process, you can find other gluten-free cakes on Walmart.com from companies like Sweet Street.

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