What Is Walmart’s Drug Test Policy?

If you’re considering applying for a job at Walmart but are concerned about the prospect of being drug tested, keep reading to find out exactly what to expect.

While Walmart has always maintained a strict no-drugs policy in all of their stores, their policy on employee drug testing has loosened a bit over the years. Up until about 2017, Walmart required drug testing for all incoming employees regardless of position. However, as of 2022, Walmart no longer drug tests the majority of incoming employees.

There are only two situations in which you can expect to be drug tested by Walmart, including:

  • if you are applying for a specialized, upper-level, salaried, or management position
  • if you are currently employed by Walmart and were involved in a workplace incident that sparked suspicion that drugs or alcohol were consumed on Walmart’s premises

Despite no longer issuing drug testing to most prospective or current employees, Walmart does still require background checks from all applicants. That said, “passing” your background check at Walmart might not be as hard as it is at other places. Walmart is known for hiring employees with criminal records, including felony convictions, as long as enough time has passed since your last conviction.

Walmart Drug Test

What Is The Policy If You Fail A Walmart Drug Test?

Walmart has a strict no-drug policy and will not offer employment to prospective employees who refuse or fail a drug test. Further, if a current employee is drug tested and fails, it is highly likely that their employment will be terminated.

If you failed a drug test during your hiring process but you’d like to reapply, there’s a chance you might be able to redeem yourself if you wait long enough. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to how long a prospective employee has to wait before reapplying to Walmart after a failed drug test. Some stores require you to wait at least 6 months while other stores have been known to enforce a 3-year waiting period before applicants can re-attempt. Other Walmart stores are known for banning any prospective employee who failed a drug test from ever reapplying.

However, it’s important to remember that for most entry level positions at Walmart, drug testing is no longer a part of the standard hiring process.

What Type Of Drug Tests Does Walmart Do?

Walmart conducts all of their drug testing using standard urine drug tests as of 2022. These tests are designed to detect marijuana (including medical marijuana), opiates, PCP, cocaine, and amphetamines.

It’s important to note that despite testing for opiates, Walmart cannot legally fire or demote an employee or refuse employment to a prospective employee for taking prescription medication. So, if you have a valid prescription for an opioid medication such as a prescription painkiller, bring documentation of this at the time of your drug test.

This exception does not extend, however, to the use of medical marijuana (MMJ). Because MMJ is still illegal under federal law, Walmart does not have any obligation to allow employees to engage in medical marijuana use during the period of their employment. Even if you have a “green card,” Walmart can still fire you or deny you employment if your drug test shows that you have consumed a THC-containing drug.

It’s also important to note that while truly pure CBD products should not trigger a positive drug test result, many marijuana products marketed as CBD actually contain trace amounts of THC. So, unless you are positive your CBD products are THC free, it’s best to stay away from these in the days or weeks leading up to a drug test.

How Often Does Walmart Do Drug Tests?

The short answer to this question is pretty simple: not very often.

In the past, Walmart was infamous for drug testing all new hires. However, in the past few years, they’ve relaxed their policy and gotten rid of drug testing in most cases.

The only times Walmart administers drug tests to their employees and prospective employees are:

  • when a prospective employee is applying for a specialized, upper-level, salaried, or management position
  • when a current employee is involved in a workplace incident that sparked suspicion that drugs or alcohol were consumed on Walmart’s premises

If you are applying to a position that requires drug testing (specific positions listed below), you will be tested prior to being offered employment.

Walmart does not conduct random drug tests without cause on their employees.

Who Does Walmart Drug Test?

Now, let’s talk about what exactly we mean when we say “specialized, upper-level, salaried, or management positions.”

Basically, any job that involves managing other employees or handling specialized equipment or products will likely require drug testing.

Some of the positions Walmart is more likely to drug test for include:

  • Pharmacy technician
  • Lawn and garden associate
  • Consolidation center (ACC)
  • Gun sales
  • Sporting goods
  • Management
  • Asset protection (AP)
  • Maintenance
  • Freight handling

Employees working in entry level positions, such as cashier, associate, or stocker, are unlikely to be drug tested as a prerequisite for employment at Walmart.

Drug testing practices also vary store to store, so while some Walmart locations might not drug test at all, some might opt to administer drug tests to all incoming employees.

How Long Do Walmart Drug Test Results Take?

Urine drug test results typically take between 24 and 48 hours.


Does Walmart sell drug test kits in stores?

Yes. Shop for home drug testing kits at Walmart.com here.

Does Walmart do a mouth swab drug test?

No. Walmart only administers urine testing.

Does Walmart drug test 16-year-olds?

No. Underage employees are only allowed to work entry level positions such as stocker or cashier, and neither of these positions require drug testing.

Can you refuse to take a drug test at Walmart?

Yes. However, if you refuse a drug test, there is a high likelihood that you will be terminated or refused employment.


All in all, the news is pretty relieving. If you’re applying to any of the most common positions at Walmart, chances are you’ll never have to worry about being drug tested.

Just keep in mind that Walmart does have a strict policy against the consumption of drugs or alcohol at work (which includes arriving at work under the influence of substances), so you will still be subject to drug testing if you go against this policy or arouse suspicion.

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