How To Get A Refund From Walmart Online?

Walmart Return Policy For Online Orders

Walmart accepts returns for online orders, and in most cases your items can be returned through the mail or at any Walmart retail location. However, if you shop via Walmart Marketplace, these items go through a slightly different process, which we’ll get into below. 

Walmart accepts online returns regardless of whether or not your item has been opened or used. However, it should be in like-new condition. That said, if your item was damaged or defective on arrival, you can return it to Walmart any time.

Walmart Online

In most cases, online returns at Walmart must be requested within 90 days of purchase. However, certain electronics and Walmart Marketplace items have shorter return windows.

To read Walmart’s full standard return policy, click here. To read all about the Walmart Marketplace return policy, click here.

What Qualifies For Online Returns?

Walmart accepts online returns for most items purchased through, the Walmart App, or Walmart Marketplace. Exceptions noted below.

In most cases, items should be new, like-new, or only gently used. Walmart does not require original packaging for returns, and in most cases your items can be returned even if they’ve been opened.

That said, if your item shows obvious signs of wear and tear, abuse, etc., your return request may be rejected.


When it comes to online returns, there are very few things you can’t return to Walmart. However, there are a few important exclusions and limitations to be aware of.

Most importantly, Walmart Marketplace items cannot be returned to Walmart retail locations (even though all other purchases can). 

Walmart also does not accept online returns of the following items…

  • Prescription medications and medical devices
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Hygienic medical equipment
  • Airsoft guns, BB guns, and ammunition
  • Pepper spray
  • Sex toys and sexual wellness products
  • Covid-19 tests
  • Gas-powered recreational vehicles
  • Tires, wheels, and rims (unless they’re unused)
  • Trading cards
  • RV sewer lines, toilets, toilet bowls, etc.
  • Prepaid cell phone cards
  • Gift cards
  • Video game download cards
  • Prepaid gaming cards
  • SIM cards
  • Video-on-demand products
  • Online games and software downloads (unless otherwise noted)

To learn more about Walmart’s return policy exclusions, check out our post about it here.

How To Return Stuff To Walmart Online

The following instructions apply to items listed as “sold and shipped by Walmart” on their Walmart product page. For Walmart Marketplace returns, scroll to the next section.

To initiate an online return through Walmart, follow these steps…

  1. Open or the Walmart app and log into your account
  2. Navigate to your “Purchase History” page
  3. Find the order containing the item you wish to return
  4. Click “Order Details”
  5. Click “Start A Return”
  6. Tick the checkbox next to the item you wish to return
  7. Press “Continue”
  8. Select a reason for the return, then click “Next”
  9. Select whether you would like a refund or a replacement, then click “Next”
  10. Save your selections, then click “Continue”
  11. Select your preferred return method (includes pickup service, return to a store, return curbside, return by mail, or drop off at FedEx)

If you decide to return your item to a store, you will not need to provide further proof of purchase after beginning your returns process online. Instead, you will receive something called a “return barcode” along with a confirmation email. Bring your smartphone with you when you go to the store so that you can show these to a Walmart associate.

If you return your online purchase directly to the store without initiating the return online, you will need to provide your phone number or email address so that the associate can look up your purchase. You can also show the employee your order confirmation email or your purchase history.

If you initiate a return online and then change your mind, you can cancel your return request at any time before you drop your item in the mail or return it to a store.

Walmart Marketplace

If you need to return an item purchased through Walmart Marketplace, you can begin the process the same way you would with an item purchased directly through Walmart.

However, when you visit your purchase history through your account, you will be shown a description of the Walmart Marketplace seller’s specific return policy and instructions. From there, you can see what the return window is and if there are any other limitations to be aware of. It’s a good idea to check out your seller’s return policy before making any purchases so that you’ll be prepared in the event of needing a refund.

Although each Walmart Marketplace seller is allowed to set their own return policy, Walmart has established a minimum standard return policy that all Marketplace sellers must adhere to.

If you’re returning a Walmart Marketplace item, you can expect these basic policies to apply…

  • Minimum 30-day return window (14 days for electronics and “luxury items”)
  • Zero return shipping fees (unless otherwise noted)
  • No restocking fees

Some more good news is that while Walmart used to charge restocking fees and return shipping for returns of items purchased through the Marketplace, these fees no longer apply.

To learn more about the specifics of this policy, click here. Remember that Walmart Marketplace items cannot be returned to Walmart retail locations.

Curbside & In-Store Pickup Items

Even though conventional in-store purchases can’t be returned through Walmart’s online returns process, curbside and in-store pickup purchases are a different story.

If you need to return an item you ordered for curbside or in-store pickup at Walmart, you can initiate a return through or the Walmart app at any time.

Basically, as long as a purchase can be pulled up in your online purchase history, it can be returned through the Walmart online returns process.

The only exception to this is for grocery purchases. Walmart does not accept grocery returns through the mail. Instead, returns of perishable items should be handled in store at a Walmart retail location. Check out our full article about Walmart’s food return policy here.

Refund Information

As long as you return your item in reasonable condition and with all original accessories, you should receive a full refund for the amount of your original purchase. However, you may or may not be refunded your outbound shipping charges (the shipping you paid when you first purchased your item). 

That fastest way to get a refund for an online Walmart purchase is to return it to the store. There, you will be refunded immediately to your original form of payment.

Cash refunds are the quickest, as they can be processed immediately. If you paid with a credit card or debit card, you may have to wait up to three days to see the reimbursement show up in your account.

If you decide to return your item through the mail, you will have to wait a bit longer to receive your refund. Depending on shipping and processing times, you could end up waiting 5-7 business days to receive your funds.

For more information about receiving refunds from Walmart, click here.

How To File Complaints To Walmart Customer Service

The fastest way to contact Walmart customer service to raise a concern is to call 1-800-925-6278. If you have an issue with a specific Walmart location, you can also file a complaint directly to a store manager by calling or visiting the store.

However, if you have a big issue to complain about or are concerned about retaliation, it’s best to contact Walmart Ethics to file your complaint.

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