Walmart VHS To DVD Conversion – Types + Cost

If you were born after the year 2000, then it’s possible you’ve never even seen a VHS tape. But for those of us who are… well, old… many of our favorite memories, movies, and more and caught in the antiquated trappings of the outdated VHS tape. Thankfully, many places have started offering conversion services that take VHS tapes and transfer them into digital forms of media and Walmart offers this service.

For a service as seemingly specialized as video conversion, it’s easy to wonder whether it comes with a high price tag. But thankfully, along with most products and services available at Walmart, it’s actually super affordable to get video converted to DVD and other digital forms of media.

For all film types except for 8mm, Super8, and 16mm, Walmart charges $12.96 for the first 30 minutes of film. After that, you will pay $5.46 for each additional 30 minutes.

For the remaining three film types, you will pay $12.96 for the first 50 feet of film and $0.20 per additional foot.

Once your order is complete, your new and original media will be shipped directly back to you or back to your selected Walmart Photo location. The cost of shipping is included in the original price of your order.

Walmart VHS To DVD Converter

What Type Of VHS Does Walmart Convert?

Walmart’s Video Transfer service is a super convenient service that allows customers to submit a wide range of video and film types to be converted to digital media.

Walmart accepts the following video formats for conversion to DVD:

  • VHS and S-VHS
  • Betamax
  • VHS-C and S-VHS-C
  • Video8, Hi8, and Digital8
  • DV and DVCAM
  • MiniDV and DVC
  • 8mm, Super8, and 16mm

How To Get Your VHS Converted To DVD At Walmart

To get your VHS tapes converted to DVD through Walmart, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Walmart Home Movie & Photo Transfer page
  • Click “Start My Order”
  • Select the service you desire from the four options listed across the bottom of the screen (for VHS transfer, click “Video Transfer”)
  • From the options on the screen, select the duration of film you’d like converted, then fill in the rest of the prompts
  • At the bottom of the page, select “Add to Cart”
  • Complete the checkout and payment process to place your order

However, you can also still visit a Walmart Photo center in person to start your order. Just be aware that not all Walmart locations have a photo center, so check with your local Walmart before you go.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your VHS Converted To DVD At Walmart?

According to the DVD Walmart page, you can expect it to take between 3 and 4 weeks to receive your media from the time you place your order.

Extra Offers When Converting VHS To DVD

Some of the extra offers you can avail when ordering VHS conversion from Walmart include:

  • Digital access to converted content through MemoryCloud for 60 days (in addition to your DVD)
  • USB copy
  • Additional DVD copies
  • Personalized tape label with your desired title

How Well Does Walmart Convert VHS To DVD?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews online from customers who have actually used Walmart’s VHS-to-DVD conversion service.

But we did find some helpful input from someone on Reddit who knows a lot about the video conversion industry:

Walmart Convert VHS To DVD Review

From this, it seems that you can expect Walmart’s VHS-to-DVD conversion services to be fairly good quality.

If you’d rather go somewhere other than Walmart for your video conversion, try searching for a local photo/video lab or contacting your local university’s digital media department.


Is there a limit for converting VHS to DVD at Walmart?

No. As long as you are willing to pay the price, there is no limit to how much tape you can have converted at Walmart.

Does Walmart convert VHS to flash drive?

Yes. When you order your video conversion from Walmart, you can pay extra to have it transferred onto a USB drive.

Is it better to convert VHS to DVD or digital?

There are pros and cons to both. A DVD can be used without internet access and, if you pay for multiple copies, can be sent in the mail to anyone with a DVD player or computer with a DVD drive. On the flipside, DVDs are also easier to damage or lose than digital copies. The benefits of a digital copy, in addition to being safer from damage, are that they can be accessed from anywhere as long as you’re on the internet. The downside is that they cannot be accessed without the internet (unless you download them onto your computer or phone), and they are harder to access for people who may not be as tech savvy.

Can you get your VHS tapes back after converting to DVD?

Yes. After your VHS tapes have been converted, Walmart will return them to you in the mail along with your new media.


Walmart’s VHS-to-DVD conversion service is an amazing opportunity to transform your old home movies into lasting memories you can share with your family and friends. Starting at just $12.96, you can convert a full 30 minutes of film to DVD, digital media, or USB. You can also order additional DVD copies to send to relatives who may not be as internet savvy, and you can retain 60-day access to a MemoryCloud copy for easy online sharing.

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