How Much Does It Cost To Resize Rings At Walmart?

For the first resizing of a ring purchased at Walmart, you can take advantage of this service at zero cost to you. However, for any subsequent resizings, you will be charged a fee.

The cost of resizing a ring through Walmart starts at about $20. However, for complex resizing jobs, this price may increase to as much as $60. Resizing a ring to make the band larger tends to cost more than making a ring band smaller, for example.

Walmart Resize Rings

Does Walmart Resize Any Ring?

Unfortunately, Walmart only resizes rings that were purchased from Walmart.

If your Walmart ring is made from any type of metal, then Walmart’s partner jeweler will be equipped to resize it. Plastic rings or rings made from any material other than metal cannot be resized.

In some cases, rings with stones set into the band itself may be refused for resizing due to the complexity of the job.

How To Get Your Ring Resized?

To request a ring resizing through Walmart, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your ring was purchased at Walmart or on, then locate your original purchase receipt or packing slip
  • Visit any Walmart location with a jewelry counter (bring your ring and receipt with you)
  • Let a Walmart employee at the counter know that you would like to have your ring resized
  • The employee will walk you through the rest of the process to determine whether this is your first resizing request (if so, you will not be charged)
  • You will have to leave your ring with the Walmart jewelry department who will then send it off to a third-party jeweler for resizing
  • You can expect to have your ring returned to you within about one to three weeks (however, if you request your resizing during a peak season, you may have to wait up to six to eight weeks)
  • When your ring is ready, it will be shipped back to the Walmart store where you dropped it off and you will be notified that it’s ready for pickup

How Long Does It Take?

Walmart typically advises customers that ring resizing takes between 7 and 10 days. However, combined with the time it takes to ship the ring to the third-party jeweler and have it shipped back to the store for pickup, this process can actually take closer to about three weeks.

In some cases, ring resizing can take up to eight weeks at Walmart during busy seasons.

Can You Return Resized Rings To Walmart?

The question of returning resized rings to Walmart is a bit complex. Technically, Walmart only accepts returns on new, unused items, which implies that a resized ring is not eligible for return.

However, when you attempt to request your refund, Walmart might not notice that your ring has been resized. If you get lucky, you might have no issue returning a resized ring.

Just keep in mind that Walmart only allows standard returns on jewelry items priced under $300. If your ring cost $300 or more when you purchased it, it will need to be returned through a special returns process.

If you purchased your ring on, you can initiate the returns process through your Walmart account the way you would with any other online return. However, if you purchased your ring at a Walmart store, you will need to call 1-800-WALMART to speak to a customer service representative about initiating your mail-in return.

Is Walmart’s Ring Resizing Good Quality?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available out there about the quality of Walmart’s ring resizing service. Walmart does not publicize what company they use for their third-party jewelry services, so we’re not sure what the reputation is of the company that handles resizing.

It looks like not many Walmart shoppers have taken advantage of this service, or at least that none of them have felt inspired to share about their experiences online.

I guess we’ll just assume that no news is good news.

What Kinds Of Rings Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells the following types of rings:

  • Diamond rings
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Engagement and wedding ring sets
  • Stacking rings
  • Gold rings
  • Platinum rings
  • Promise rings
  • Cocktail rings
  • Sterling silver rings
  • Sapphire rings
  • Cubic zirconia rings

The rings available at Walmart currently range in price from about $8 to about $3,400. You can browse all of Walmart’s rings online here.


Will it damage the ring if you resize it at Walmart?

Not usually. If you have a ring with a plain band resized through Walmart, you should have no problems. However, Walmart does advise that rings with gemstones laid into the band are complicated to resize and some of the gemstones may be destroyed in the resizing process. 

How should you measure your ring size at home?

The most common way to measure ring size is by using a ring sizer measuring tape or other small, flexible measuring tape (such as the kind used for clothing alterations). Check out this article for tips on a few different methods for determining your ring size.

Does Walmart engrave rings?

Yes. Some rings sold on can be personalized and/or engraved. To shop engraved wedding ring sets on, click here.

How many times can you resize your ring?

Depending on the material of your ring and the skill level of the person doing the resizing, a typical metal ring can be resized between two and four times. After this, the metal may weaken to the point where it cannot be reforged.

Does resizing leave a mark on your ring?

Not necessarily. If a ring is resized properly by a skilled jeweler, you should not be able to tell that it has been altered. However, if the process is not done properly or with enough attention to detail, you may be able to see the “cut.”

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