Walmart Vision Center – A Great Option for Vision Care & Glasses

If you’re in need of low-cost vision care or prescription glasses, the Walmart Vision Center is a great option. Offering competitive prices on eye exams, designer frames, and prescription lenses, Walmart is an easy choice for many people needing eye care, especially those without insurance.

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Types of Frames & Lens Available

Walmart sells both prescription and non-prescription glasses, including prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. They also sell contact lenses, kids’ glasses, over-the-counter reading glasses, eye care products such as contact solution, and more.

Some of the frame brands available at Walmart include…

  • Ray-Ban
  • Sean John
  • Vogue
  • Phat Farm
  • DKNY
  • Allure
  • Coach
  • Christian Siriano
  • Nautica
  • Oakley
  • Hurley
  • Caribbean Sun
  • Lacoste
  • Calvin Klein
  • Jonas Paul
  • Elton John
  • Nike
  • DVX

To check out the full selection of glasses frames available at Walmart, click here.

When it comes to lenses, Walmart Vision Center offers single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, transitional lenses, and blue light blockers.


The price of a pair of frames at Walmart ranges from $9 to about $300. This does not include the cost of prescription lenses. 

Once you’ve purchased your frames, you will then have to pay about $70 additionally to cover the cost of your prescription.

However, there are two ways to purchase your prescription glasses at Walmart, and one of the ways can save you money.

If you purchase frames on, you will pay the full cost of the frames first. Then, you will have to bring those frames into a Walmart Vision Center to have your prescription lenses put in. You will then have to pay full price for the cost of your prescription.

To save a bit of money, you can go directly to a Walmart Vision Center and purchase your frames and lenses at the same time. Walmart Vision Center offers frame and lens packages so that the cost of your prescription is included in the price of your frames.

To learn more about the deals available at Walmart Vision Center, visit your nearest Vision Center location.

In case you ever need to return a pair of glasses to Walmart, check out our post about the Walmart Vision Center return policy here.


If you have vision insurance, you should be able to have at least part of the cost of prescription glasses covered. Different insurance plans offer different allowance amounts for prescription glasses, so check with your carrier to find out how much you can spend.

Walmart Vision Center works with most major vision insurance carriers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and VSP. If Walmart is considered an out-of-network provider by your insurance company, you can request to file a reimbursement claim after you purchase your glasses.

How To Make An Appointment At Walmart Vision Center?

Each Walmart Vision Center is operated independently by a different optometrist, so you unfortunately cannot make appointments online.

Instead, you should locate the phone number of your nearest Walmart Vision Center and contact them over the phone to schedule your appointment. To find a Walmart Vision Center near you, click here.

Walmart Vision Center also accepts walk-in appointments conditionally based on availability. If you do not want to make an appointment, simply visit your nearest Walmart Vision Center and let them know what services you need.

Walmart Vision Center hours vary by location, but most are open from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Eye Exam Cost

The cost of an eye exam at a Walmart Vision Center will vary by location. This is because each Walmart Vision Center is operated independently and sets their own prices.

However, most sources estimate that the cost of an eye exam at Walmart ranges from about $50 to as high as $100. Some sources estimate the average cost of a Walmart eye exam is $75. This is the out-of-pocket expense without insurance.

If you have vision insurance that is accepted at Walmart, you will not have to pay for your eye exam. The Walmart Vision Center accepts most major insurance carriers, including Medicaid and Medicare.

Other Services Offered At Walmart Vision Center

The Walmart Vision Center offers the following services…

  • Eye exams
  • Prescription lenses
  • Prescription renewals and frame fittings
  • Contact lenses

In fact, we wrote a whole post about what kinds of glasses the Walmart Vision Center can repair. Check it out here.


Can you bring your own frames to Walmart Vision Center?

Yes. The Walmart Vision Center can add prescription lenses to any frames as long as they can support the weight of your prescription.

Does Walmart Vision Center give AARP discounts?

Yes. Despite some conflicting information online, it seems that Walmart Vision Center does offer generous AARP discounts in 2023.

Here’s a recent post from a Reddit user claiming they received 30% off new lenses and frames at Walmart…

How long does it take to get prescription glasses from Walmart Vision Center?

1-2 weeks. The exact time it will take depends on how you order your frames and lenses. Frames can be ordered online through and shipped to you directly, while prescription lenses must be ordered in person at a Walmart Vision Center location. The most efficient way to order a new pair of glasses from Walmart is to order your frames and lenses at the same time by visiting a Walmart Vision Center in person.

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