20 Grocery Products That Will Become Impossible To Find This Fall & Winter

This fall, several products are hard to find due to supply chain issues, climate changes, labor shortages, and increased demand. Here’s a summarized list of those products:

Shopping trolley with empty baskets against empty shelves in grocery store

Artisanal Cheese:

Poor pasture conditions, higher feed prices, labor shortages, and disrupted supply chains have affected production. However, local cheeses are still available and need support.


Craft Beer:

Barley and hops, essential for brewing, face supply issues. Small craft breweries are the most affected, leading to altered recipes and higher prices.



Global demand and poor weather conditions have affected its supply. However, alternatives like millet and buckwheat can be considered.


Maple Syrup:

Unpredictable weather and growing demand have impacted its production. Alternatives like honey and agave nectar can be used.



Weather and labor shortages in Pennsylvania, a major producer, have disrupted their cultivation. Both fresh and canned varieties are affected.



Climate change impacts on bee colonies and declining flower numbers have led to decreased honey production.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Mediterranean countries, the primary producers, have faced unpredictable weather leading to reduced harvests.



Trade issues and crop failures, especially in China, have affected its availability.


Canned Tuna:

Overfishing and issues in the canning industry have made it scarce.



The text cuts off but implies that there are supply challenges for tequila.


Canned Goods:

Supply chain challenges combined with a surge in demand due to uncertainties might lead to decreased availability.


Toilet Paper:

Possible panic buying, heightened demand, and potential supply chain disruptions could once again make toilet paper scarce.


Cleaning Supplies:

Supply chain bottlenecks caused by the pandemic and anticipated increase in demand might result in shortages.



Transportation challenges, labor shortages, and fluctuating demand could disrupt pasta availability.


Frozen Fruits and Vegetables:

Seasonal fluctuations and cold supply chain disruptions might cause shortages as demand increases in colder months.



Supply chain disruptions, increased home baking activities, and the growing popularity of baking during the fall and winter months might strain the supply.


Hand Sanitizer:

High demand and supply chain bottlenecks might lead to dwindling supplies.



Supply chain disruptions and evolving consumer preferences could result in reduced cereal availability.



Labor challenges in meat processing, supply chain bottlenecks, and seasonal demand might exacerbate shortages.



Disruptions in the coffee supply chain, combined with environmental challenges in coffee production regions, might lead to scarcity.


These shortages, combined with upcoming end-of-year festivities, suggest that the holiday season may see higher prices and limited availability of these products.

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