How To Get Your Rx Prescriptions Delivered From Walmart

If you’re someone who has to juggle multiple different medications each day, you’re probably tired of waiting in the pharmacy line to have your prescriptions renewed.

Luckily, there are plenty of options these days to allow you to receive your prescriptions at home without ever having to change out of your PJs. By signing up for the Walmart Mail-Order Pharmacy program, you might never have to visit a pharmacy in person ever again!

Walmart Rx mail delivery

How Does Walmart Pharmacy Delivery Work?

It might seem too good to be true, but Walmart offers a super convenient mail-order pharmacy service allowing customers to receive their prescriptions at home without ever having to visit Walmart in person.

You can sign up for the Walmart Mail-Order Pharmacy service here simply by providing some basic information.

Once you have an account set up, your doctor can submit new prescriptions by e-prescribing, faxing prescriptions to 1-800-406-8976, or mailing hard copies to…

Walmart Mail Order Pharmacy

1025 W Trinity Mills Rd.

Carrollton, TX


To order a refill for an existing prescription, contact the Walmart Mail-Order Pharmacy directly at 1-800-273-3455.

All Walmart Pharmacy orders qualify for free 5-7 day standard shipping. If you need your medications faster, 2-day shipping is available for $8, or you can pay an extra $15 for overnight shipping. There is no minimum order amount to qualify for delivery, and you do not need to pay for a Walmart membership to qualify.

Please note that not all medications are eligible for home delivery, but you will be notified of this when you first submit your prescription.

Check out our full post about the Walmart Mail-Order Pharmacy here.

Can DoorDash Deliver Walmart Prescriptions?

Despite plenty of misinformation circulating online, DoorDash no longer offers delivery services from Walmart as of 2023. In fact, the two companies ended their working relationship officially back in September 2022.

Walmart Pharmacy Curbside Pickup

If you don’t want to bother with signing up for the Walmart Mail-Order Pharmacy, but you still want to streamline your pharmacy experience, you have options!

Starting in 2021, Walmart introduced a special curbside pickup service for Walmart Pharmacy customers who use the Walmart app.

How To Use Walmart Rx Pickup

To take advantage of curbside pickup when picking up your prescriptions, simply open up the Walmart app, click “Services,” then tap “Pharmacy.” Next, tap “Refill Rx” and choose the prescriptions you need refilled. Next, select “Curbside pickup.”

After you confirm your order, you will receive a notification on your phone when your order is ready for pickup. The Walmart app will provide you with detailed pickup instructions, which will instruct you to head to Walmart and park in the Rx Pickup area (separate from the grocery pickup area). Finally, you will need to use your phone to give the pharmacy a call and let them know you’ve arrived.

Next, a pharmacy worker will bring your prescriptions out to you, and you can pay directly from your phone. If you would rather not pay in the app, you can give the pharmacy worker your credit or debit card and they will process your payment for you. Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept cash payment for any of its curbside pickup services.

Please be aware that Walmart Pharmacy Curbside pickup can only be used to refill prescriptions you’ve already had filled at Walmart previously. You must be a Walmart app user with a Walmart account to take advantage of this service.

Learn more about Walmart Rx Curbside Pickup in this convenient YouTube video provided by Walmart.


Can a Walmart Pharmacy transfer prescriptions to another Walmart?

Yes. If you want your prescription sent to another Walmart location, contact the pharmacy at the location where you want to pick up your prescription and ask them to contact the pharmacy that has your prescription to have it transferred.

Can another person mail your prescription to you?

Yes. In most cases, someone else can pick up your prescription for you and then mail it to you where you need it. However, it’s up to the pharmacist’s discretion whether or not to hand over your prescription to someone who is not you.

Is it right to tip DoorDash from Walmart?

Yes. Tipping is proper and expected everytime a DoorDash delivery worker delivers something to you. However, DoorDash no longer delivers for Walmart as of 2023.

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