What is Walmart’s Dress Code? (Is It Enforced?)

If you are planning to apply for a job at Walmart, you may be curious about the retailer’s dress code. This post will discuss Walmart’s dress code, its guidelines, restrictions, and more.

Walmart dress code policy

Walmart’s dress code allows its employees to wear different shades of denim jeans and shirts of any color and pattern. The jeans, however, should not have rips, embellishments, or jewels.

Employees can also wear sneakers instead of formal shoes for added comfort.   

Below are the guidelines for the Walmart dress code.

  • Shirts – you can wear any color or pattern
  • Pants – you can wear different types and colors of denim jeans, trousers, cargo pants, chinos, capris, or skirts. Athletic wear such as leggings, joggers, and yoga trousers are not allowed
  • Shoes – you can wear corporate shoes or sneakers. The sneakers provide added comfort, especially to those employees who move a lot within the stores or stand for long
  • Hats/caps – only baseball caps are allowed. The caps should be Walmart’s baseball caps. Cashiers are not permitted to wear any headgear
  • Shorts/skirts – skirts and capri pants are allowed, but they should not extend more than three and a half inches below the knees. Walmart employees cannot wear shorts to work
  • Tattoo/facial piercings – you are allowed to have tattoos and facial piercings. However, those working in the food section cannot wear piercings for hygiene reasons. Employees who have offensive tattoos must also cover them up while working at Walmart
  • Hair – you can have facial hair as long as it is clean and well-trimmed. If you work in the food section, you’ll need a beard net. You can also dye your hair as long as it does not provide unnecessary distractions to other employees
  • Jackets – you can wear hoodies while working at Walmart, although this may depend on your supervisor. While some allow wearing hoodies beneath your Walmart vest, others may prohibit them for safety reasons. The best thing is to consult your manager for clear guidelines about wearing jackets or hoodies

Is There a Dress Code For Walmart Distribution Center?

There is no specific dress code at Walmart distribution centers. Initially, Walmart employees used to wear black or tan pants with a white, green, or black collared shirt and a Walmart vest.

However, Walmart relaxed its employees’ dress code in 2018, allowing them “dress and express their own style.” You can now wear denim jeans of any color and shirts with different patterns and colors while working in a Walmart warehouse.

You must also wear a Walmart vest and name tag on top of your clothes during regular working hours. The color of the vest varies according to your position.

Is Walmart Strict On The Dress Code?

The dress code for Walmart is quite flexible compared to other retail stores. You can wear casual clothing in the store as long as they are part of the acceptable attire.

Although Walmart has relaxed dress code policies, there are consequences if you violate its dress code guidelines. You can expect a warning or written reprimand if you violate Walmart’s dress code.

If you continue to violate the dress code after receiving multiple warnings, you may be suspended or fired from your job. In such a case, Walmart will provide written notice of the suspension or termination and its reasons for imposing this disciplinary action.

What Is The Dress Code For Walmart Orientation?

What to wear during the interview

You must look professional when you go in for that job interview at Walmart. If you’re applying for a cashier or customer service position, business casual will be appropriate.

A man may wear a buttoned-down shirt with khaki or slacks. A woman may wear a well-pressed skirt and a blouse with no cleavage. If you’re going for a management position, however, you’ll need to wear more formal attire such as a suit. Ensure that you have clean, closed-toe shoes.

What to wear on your first day (orientation)

Walmart Orientation is an excellent opportunity to get started at the company and learn about what it offers. It’s also a great time to start meeting new people and making friends.

When you’re new at any job, it can be tempting to try to impress by dressing up a little more than usual. However, you can dress casually and flexibly for your Walmart orientation.

This means you can wear whatever is most comfortable for you—but it’s also a good idea to consider how your appearance reflects the company’s brand. So if you want to look professional, try wearing a button-up shirt with khaki or jeans and clean, comfortable closed-toe shoes. Also, ensure that you have a washed and well-groomed appearance.

Does Walmart Have A Dress Code For Customers?

Walmart does not have a dress code for its customers. The store’s primary focus is providing an environment where customers can shop comfortably and conveniently without unnecessary restrictions.

But they do have a policy that requires customers to maintain good shopping etiquette. Walmart also expects its customers to be modestly dressed and clean at all times. Although not enforced, Walmart also expects its customers to maintain proper personal hygiene.


Does Walmart give you a uniform?

Yes, Walmart provides its employees with a vest and name badge as part of its uniform. Walmart expects its employees to have them on at all times. The vest’s color varies according to your position. You can also customize your vest at the cost of $11.

Can Walmart employees wear nail polish?

Yes, Walmart employees can wear nail polish as long as it is not offensive. Walmart cashiers can also wear fake nails with acrylic. However, those handling food are not allowed to wear artificial nails as they may accidentally drop off into the food.

Do Walmart employees have to tuck in their shirts?

No, Walmart employees may choose to wear a shirt untucked if they feel comfortable doing so. Employees can wear any shirt color or pattern without restrictions on how to wear them.

What is the dress code for Walmart’s assistant managers?

Like other employees, Walmart’s assistant managers can wear denim jeans of any color with shirts of any color or pattern. They are also allowed to wear sneakers to work instead of formal shoes. They, however, wear a navy blue vest compared to the gray ones spotted by regular store employees.


In 2018, Walmart relaxed its dress code policy and allowed employees to choose their work attire. Under the current guidelines, you can wear denim jeans and shirts of any color or pattern.

You can also wear closed-toe corporate shoes or sneakers. If you have to wear a hat, ensure it is a baseball cap with a Walmart logo.

Walmart will also not discriminate against you if you have tattoos or piercings as long as they are not offensive. You are also expected to wear a Walmart vest and name badge on top of your clothing.

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