Does Walmart Sell Amazon Fire Sticks?

Walmart does not sell Amazon’s fire stick. If you search for “fire stick” on Walmart’s website, it will only give you Roku players, Mi Box, and other video streaming devices.

Walmart sells these devices at different prices, starting from $25. You can, however, get a fire stick remote control at Walmart.

A fire stick is a small, lightweight device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV, converting it to a smart TV. It lets you enjoy all the entertainment options you love on a big screen, including Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and other streaming services.

Walmart Sell Amazon Fire Sticks

Why Does Walmart Not Sell Fire Sticks?

Walmart stopped selling Amazon fire sticks in 2017. Walmart does not sell Amazon fire sticks since they already have a retail partnership to sell the Onn-branded streaming devices. The increasing competition between the two retailers may also have been a reason why Walmart stopped selling Amazon fire sticks.

Where Can You Buy Fire Sticks?

Other than buying Amazon fire sticks online at, you can also get them at other physical stores. Most fire stick prices range from $29.99 to $54.99. Here’s a list of stores that offer Amazon fire sticks.

  • Target
  • Lowes
  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Tesco
  • Home Depot
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • eBay
  • Kohl’s
  • Meijer
  • Newegg
  • Office Depot OfficeMax
  • Walgreens
  • Amazon

How to Connect a Fire Stick to Your TV?

To connect a fire stick to your TV, you’ll need an HDMI cable that matches the one used on your TV. The same goes for the power source, so ensure you have the correct charger or power adapter. Here’s how to connect the fire stick to the TV.

  • Connect the fire stick to the power adapter using the USB cord provided. Plug the cord into an electrical socket. Ensure your fire stick is turned on
  • Connect the fire stick to the HDMI port of your TV. Note which HDMI port you connect your fire stick to the TV
  • Turn on your TV and go to the corresponding HDMI channel matching the one you connected the fire stick
  • Insert two AAA batteries into your fire stick remote control to set it up. Once the remote is on, it should pair up with your fire stick. If it does not pair, press the remote’s power button for about ten seconds and release it. Doing this sets your fire stick to discovery mode enabling them to pair
  • Press the play button on the remote to start the set-up process
  • Choose your desired language on the fire stick and press OK on the remote
  • Connect your fire stick to the internet. Your fire stick will scan for available networks. Choose one and enter its login details if applicable
  • Register your fire stick with an Amazon account. There is no need to register if you bought the fire stick at Amazon
  • Save your Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account to finish the set-up process

What Are Other Fire Sticks Alternatives?

Even though Walmart does not sell the Amazon fire stick, you can find alternative streaming devices such as;

  • Onn
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • NVIDIA Shield 

Streaming devices do not have any monthly fees. However, if you want to watch channels like Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu on your streaming device, you will have to pay a monthly fee to access them.

Pricing of different streaming devices at Walmart

The price of the streaming devices sold at Walmart depends on their model and features. For example, the Roku Express is $24, Roku streaming stick is $39, Roku ultra LT is $40.99. The highest Roku streaming device retails at $129.95.

Walmart sells the Google chrome cast third-generation streaming device at $27.97, Chrome cast with Google TV at $49.98, and Chrome cast with Wi-Fi plug at $70.16. Apple TV streaming device prices start at $39.99, with the highest being $169.97.

NVIDIA streaming devices cost between $194 and $200. Onn streaming devices are relatively cheap. Their prices start at $14.88, with the highest costing $19.88.

Does Walmart Have Its Own Streaming Device?

In June 2021, Walmart released its new line of budget-friendly streaming devices, the Onn brand 4K and FHD streaming stick. Both devices are now officially available in-store and online at

In 2010, Walmart acquired Vudu to cushion itself against the effects of reduced demand for DVDs. However, in 2020 Walmart sold Vudu to Fandango – a movie ticketing company. Since 2019, Vudu has been focusing on creating its own original content for a subscription service, similar to Netflix or Hulu. Walmart does not sell Vudu streaming devices in-store or online.

Is Vudu available on Roku streaming devices?

Roku streaming devices come with Vudu pre-installed. With Vudu, you can watch thousands of movies for free without paying a monthly subscription fee.

Vudu is a streaming service that allows you to pay for each film individually rather than subscribing. This means you can watch new movies much sooner than with other platforms like Netflix.


Does Walmart sell jail-broken fire sticks?

Walmart does not sell jailbroken fire sticks. All streaming devices sold at Walmart are sourced directly from the manufacturer with no alterations. Their settings are intact, and you can’t use them beyond their restrictions.

Does Walmart sell fire stick remotes?

Walmart sells fire stick remotes. You can get various remotes for your fire stick, such as the Buytra TX3 TX6 remote control, L5B83H Alexa voice remote control, L5B83H 2AN7U-5463 2nd generation remote control, and so on.

How much is a fire stick remote?

The price of Walmart fire stick remotes depends on the features and brand. You can get remotes for as little as $9. Remotes with more advanced features such as Alexa voice control are more expensive, with prices ranging from $18 to $30

Does Walmart sell Roku fire sticks?

Walmart sells various models of Roku streaming sticks. Some of them include the Roku streaming stick, Roku multimedia streaming stick, restored Roku streaming sticks, and so on. The prices of these fire sticks range from $40 to $107.

Is Netflix free with a fire stick?

No, you will have to pay a monthly subscription to watch Netflix using your fire stick. Netflix has different pricing plans, such as $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99 per month.


Walmart does not sell Amazon fire sticks in-store or online. This may be due to the increasing competition for the online market share between the two businesses.  However, you can get other streaming devices, including Roku, Onn, Google Chromecast, NVIDIA, and Apple TV.

The price of Walmart’s streaming devices varies with the brand, model, and features. You can buy a streaming device at Walmart for as low as $24, with the most expensive one costing up to $190. You can also purchase fire stick remotes in-store and online at Walmart.

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