Does Walmart Accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

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With Samsung Pay and Google Pay among the most popular mobile payment methods, you may wonder whether you can use them at Walmart.

Walmart unfortunately does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay. The only mobile payment accepted at Walmart in-store or online is Walmart Pay.

The other forms of payment you can use at Walmart include debit or credit cards, PayPal, Affirm, and so on.

Walmart Accept Google Pay


Google Pay is the default mobile payment service from Google. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Samsung Pay works on Samsung devices only. 

Why Does Walmart Not Accept Google Pay?

Walmart does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay because they already have their version of mobile payment in the form of Walmart Pay. When using Walmart Pay, you can link your credit or debit cards for easier payments.

Walmart also avoids using Google Pay or Samsung Pay for security reasons. The retailer believes that using Google Pay or Samsung Pay may jeopardize data security since it does not have direct control over these payment platforms. 

Walmart Pay also lets Walmart customers enjoy other benefits, including reward points, deal notifications, and e-gift cards. Unlike Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay does not use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. By using the QR Code technology, Walmart Pay allows customers using older phones to pay conveniently at Walmart

Although Walmart does not use Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you can use them at several retailers. These include;

  • Crate & Barrel
  •  Foot Locker
  • Macy’s
  • McDonald’s
  • Staples
  • Toys R Us
  • Whole Foods Market

Stores that accept Samsung Pay

  •  Best Buy
  • Old Navy
  •  Trader Joe’s
  •  Applebees
  •  Walgreens
  • Forever 21
  •  Office Depot
  • Staples
  • Olga’s
  • Save Mart
  •  Kohl’s

What Is Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet developed by Walmart for the mobile payments market. With Walmart Pay, you can easily link your credit, debit, and gift cards to your mobile device and use it at checkout.

Walmart Pay works like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, although it uses different technology from the other two platforms. Google Pay and Samsung Pay use NFC technology to make payments. The technology lets you transmit your payment details to the payment register when you hold your phone near it.

Walmart Pay uses a QR code instead of NFC technology. You must scan the QR code at the payment register to complete the transaction when paying using Walmart Pay.

Here are the benefits of using Walmart Pay at Walmart.

  • You will reduce the amount of cash and credit cards you carry around by using Walmart Pay
  • Using Walmart Pay lets you earn reward points which you can redeem later
  •  It offers protection since it is touch-free
  • You can access your past receipts from Walmart Pay in case you need to return items to Walmart
  • It keeps all your purchases together, giving you a way to track your spending habits

Walmart Pay uses encryption over secure networks (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) to keep your credit card information safe. You also need a four-digit code to use Walmart Pay, keeping your data secure at all times.

How to Use Walmart Pay on Android

Here’s how to set up and use Walmart Pay on your android device.

  • Download the app on the Google Play store
  • Go to the services screen and select Walmart Pay
  • Add your payment card information. You can add Visa, Amex, Discover, MasterCard, or Walmart gift cards, e-gift cards, and pre-paid credit cards
  • Enter your login information, such as a 4-digit pin or fingerprint identification
  • Open Walmart Pay at checkout and scan the QR code displayed on the checkout machine to complete the transaction

Other Payments Accepted At Walmart

In addition to Walmart Pay, you can use the following payment methods at Walmart:

  •  PayPal
  • Cash
  • American Express
  •  Visa
  •  MasterCard
  • Walmart gift cards and e-gift cards
  •  EBT
  • Capital One Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart does not accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Apple Pay
  • Purchase orders
  •  Layaway
  • Gift cards from other retailers
  • International credit cards


Does Walmart accept Google Pay online?

No, Walmart does not accept Google Pay, whether online or in-store. The only mobile wallet accepted at Walmart is Walmart Pay.

Does Walmart Money Center accept Google Pay?

No, you cannot use Google Pay in any Walmart outlet, including the Walmart Money Center.

Can you get cash back with Walmart Pay?

No, you cannot get cash back when using Walmart Pay. You need to connect a rewards credit card to the account to get cash back with Walmart Pay.

What is the difference between Walmart Pay and Walmart app?

Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet that keeps your payment information, whereas the Walmart app is an application that you can use to shop online at Walmart.


Walmart does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay because it has its own mobile payment wallet in the form of Walmart Pay. You can link Walmart Pay with your credit or debit cards and use it at checkout.

Walmart Pay uses QR codes at checkout, unlike Google Pay and Samsung Pay which use NFC technology. The other payments accepted at Walmart include PayPal, cash, all major credit cards, Walmart gift cards, and so on.

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