How Does The Coin Machine At Walmart Work? (+Cost)

Like many other major grocery retailers, Walmart hosts Coinstar kiosks which allow customers to exchange large quantities of loose change for cash instantly. 

walmart coin machine

How Much Does The Coin Machine At Walmart Charge?

Coinstar kiosks charge an 11.9% processing fee for customers who want to receive cash.

However, to avoid this fee, you can opt to receive your money in the form of a Coinstar eGift Card instead.

If you’d like to take advantage of the fee-free gift card option, you can choose a gift card from one of the following retailers:

  • AMC
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Applebee’s
  • Cabela’s
  • Chili’s
  • Domino’s
  • DoorDash
  • GameStop
  • Gap
  • IHOP
  • Lowe’s
  • Nike
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Starbucks
  • Home Depot
  • and more!

How To Avoid Coinstar Machine Fee At Walmart?

The easiest way to avoid the fee at any Coinstar machine is to accept your funds in the form of an eGift Card from any of the retailers partnered with Coinstar.

You can also avoid these fees by taking your coins to your bank instead. However, banks do not accept loose change, so you will need to sort and roll your coins prior to exchanging them for cash at your bank.

How Does The Coin Machine At Walmart Work?

Using a Coinstar coin machine is super easy and honestly pretty fun. The machine comes equipped with a wide metal tray where you will gradually pour your loose change. The tray has a handle where you can lift the tray and begin pouring the coins through a thin slot into the machine.

As the coins enter the machine, they are mechanically sorted and counted. On the digital screen, you will be able to see the tally of your change amount as the machine counts.

Once you have poured in all of your change, the machine will take a few seconds to catch up. You will be able to hear the machine sorting your coins, and when the sorting noise stops, the machine will ask you if you have any more change to add.

When you are done, follow the prompts on the screen to select the option you prefer for receiving your funds.

How Do You Use The Coin Machine At Walmart?

To use a Coinstar machine, follow these simple steps:

  1. Bring your loose change to your local Walmart
  2. Locate the Coinstar machine inside the store
  3. Use the digital touch screen to select how you would like to receive your money (you will be given three options – cash, eGift Card, or donation)
  4. When prompted, begin pouring your coins into the machine using the liftable metal tray below the screen (make sure that nothing other than coins enters the machine)
  5. When you are finished pouring in all of your coins, press “I’m done” on the touch screen
  6. Check the returned coin tray near the bottom of the machine to retrieve any coins that were not accepted by the machine
  7. The machine will likely take a few seconds to catch up and complete its counting process
  8. When the process is complete, the screen will ask you if you have ever used a Coinstar machine before (you can select yes or no)
  9. If you opted to receive cash, the machine will print a paper voucher which you will then need to take to a Walmart cash register to request your cash from an employee
  10. If you requested an eGift Card, the machine will print a paper eGift Card containing your gift card code which can be used both in store and online for whichever retailer you selected

If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation of how to use a Coinstar machine, check out this handy YouTube tutorial.


Is there a coin-counting machine at Walmart?

Yes. Coinstar machines can be found at the vast majority of Walmart locations across the country.

Where can I change my coins for free?

If you roll your coins, you can exchange them for free wherever you bank. You can purchase coin-rolling machines from Walmart here.

Where can I exchange coins for cash?

Coinstar machines are a popular method for exchanging loose change for cash, and these machines can be found at most Walmart stores as well as many grocery stores and other large retailers.

Which supermarkets have a coin machine?

Coinstar machines are available at CVS, Alberston’s, Walmart, Home Depot, and more. To find a Coinstar location near you, click here.


Getting your coins cashed at Walmart is super easy using Coinstar’s convenient kiosks. Just arrive with your loose change and follow the prompts on the screen of the easy-to-use machine. Just be aware that Coinstar does charge a pretty high fee (11.9%) for cash customers.

However, if you are open to receiving a gift card instead, you can choose this option and avoid paying any fees for the Coinstar service.

As always, you can exchange rolled coins for cash at your bank without paying any fee.

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