Where Can You Find Scales In Walmart?

Scales at Walmart can generally be found in one of two locations–aisle M22 and aisle I29.

Aisle M22 is where you will find bathroom scales, while kitchen scales can be found on aisle I29.

In addition did you know that Walmart’s best selling scale is the Health O Meter Digital Bathroom Scale, available for under $25.

If you’re ever having trouble finding what you’re looking for at Walmart, you can also use the Walmart app to help locate products. Using the app, you can search for any item, check its inventory at your current location, and find out exactly where in the store it’s located.

Scales In Walmart

What Kinds Of Scales Does Walmart Sell?

Searching for “scales” on Walmart.com reveals over 1000 results, indicating that Walmart offers an extremely large selection of scales.

The types of scales sold at Walmart include:

  • Bathroom scales
  • Kitchen scales
  • Luggage scales
  • Postal scales

The scales sold at Walmart include both digital and analogue scales, though most scales sold on today’s market are digital.

The price you can expect to pay for a scale at Walmart depends entirely on what type of scale you’d like to buy. The least expensive scale available on Walmart.com is the Wewdigi Digital Kitchen Scale, currently available for just $4.37.

Rest assured you won’t pay more than $100 for a scale at Walmart, as the most expensive scale you can buy there is the Health O Meter Dial Bathroom Scale, currently priced at $79.87.

How Accurate Are The Scales At Walmart?

Walmart sells a wide range of scales, including both digital and analogue scales. All of these scales, when first purchased, can be trusted to be accurate.

If you’re having accuracy issues with your Walmart scale, however, scales can always be recalibrated. Here’s a tutorial for how to calibrate an analogue dial scale, and here’s one for calibrating digital scales.

Can You Return Scales At Walmart?

Any time you purchase a standard item such as a scale from Walmart, you will have the opportunity to return it within 90 days. Just make sure to keep the receipt, as Walmart requires receipts to process full refunds.

If your scale was defective when you purchased it, then you should definitely qualify for a refund. To return your defective scale, simply bring it back to any Walmart location along with all of its original packaging and your purchase receipt. 

How Long Can You Return Scales At Walmart?

Walmart’s return policy allows 90 days for returns. 


Are digital scales more accurate than analog scales?

Yes. Due to the way they report readings, digital scales are generally far more accurate and precise than analog scales.

How accurate are digital scales?

As long as your digital scale is calibrated correctly, it can be assumed to be extremely accurate.

Does Walmart sell food scales?

Yes. Walmart sells a wide variety of kitchen scales.

Can you still return scales without a receipt at Walmart?

Yes. However, any returns made without a receipt or other proof of purchase at Walmart will be refunded in the form of store credit. If you are denied a refund due to not having a receipt, you might qualify for an exchange instead.


Finding scales at Walmart is simpler than it might seem. All you have to do is figure out which type of scale you need–kitchen or bathroom–then head to that section. Kitchen scales can be found on aisle I29 while bathroom scales are available in aisle M22. Of course, there’s always a chance that your local Walmart store could differ in its layout.

So, if you’re ever having trouble locating an item at Walmart, simply pull up the Walmart app on your phone, allow it to detect your location, and then search for the item you need. The app will then be able to tell you exactly where in the store it’s located and whether it’s currently available in stock. But remember that buying a scale from Walmart doesn’t even require going into a retail location. You can shop from 1000+ types of scales on Walmart.com today.

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