The Most Viral Aldi Finds from the Aisle of Shame in 2021

Drumroll, please! It’s time for the most viral Aldi Finds from the Aisle of Shame in 2021! And oh what a year it has been!

Week after week Aldi brings us the best finds in the Aisle of Shame that we never knew we wanted or needed!

There have been dozens (and dozens!) of candles, kitchen appliances, rugs, and linens. Iridescent utensils, wrap dresses, fire pits, and even a squatty potty dupe. The list goes on and on…

viral aldi finds 2021

The Aisle of Shame Facebook group admins (AKA Stef and Leigh) have dug through almost 200,000 posts in the community and compiled FIVE of the most viral Aldi Finds from 2021 — these are based on COMMUNITY posts, comments, photos…after two years of all Aldi, all the time, we know a thing or two about what our members love because every. single. post. is approved by an admin or mod.

And we can’t thank our 1.1 MILLION+ members enough for making this list possible.

So without further ado….here’s the official Aisle of Shame viral Aldi Finds countdown for 2021.

5. Aldi Gnomes

Without a doubt, 2021 was the year of the gnome for the Aisle of Shame.

The Aldi gnome trend started during the holiday season of 2020, with the first release of Aldi gnomes, which were an instant hit.

Then 2021 Spring gnomes arrived…then Fall and Halloween gnomes.

Now we’re seeing gnomes everywhere at Aldi! There are gnome sheet sets, pj’s, blankets, doormats, light-up ceramics…and so much more!

aldi gnome

The Aisle of Shame is stocked with gnome goodies and our Aisle of Shame community members can’t seem to get enough!

4. Aldi Black Romper

It’s always surprising to new Aldi shoppers that the store often has great deals on clothing and shoes.

A few times a year there will be a must-have piece that looks amazing on so many different body types. For 2021, that Aldi Find was a Black Romper for $12.99 that debuted the week of March 10.

aldi cozy black romper

Yes, you heard us. The Serra Ladies Cozy Lounge Romper (which was available in both black and grey) took the Aisle of Shame by storm, and it was by far the most photographed clothing item in our community this past year.

aldi black romper facebpook post

While the romper was sold as one-piece loungewear (with pockets!) in sizes S-XL, we saw members dress it up and down. The creativity of our community members is incredible! 

Aisle of Shame community member Angela Mcgriff paired the romper with block heels!

Angela Mcgriff black romper

3. Aldi Luxury Pet Sofa

Aisle of Shame members LOVE their pets (and rightfully so!). We get a TON of postings of fur-babies wearing Aldi pet clothing and accessories.

At this point, we’ve gotten really good at predicting the most loved pet finds based on the trends of our members’ furry friends– that’s why the cat scratching houses and matching pet shirts are always such a hit.

A new Aldi pet find for 2021 was the release of a $49.99 luxury pet sofa for cats and small dogs the week of September 29.

aldi luxury pet sofa

Even at the higher price point, we KNEW this pet couch was going to be a sell-out…and naturally, hundreds of photos of your fur-babies enjoying their new pet sofa followed.

2. Aldi Fall Flannel Shirt Candle

To our knowledge, only one Aldi candle has ever gone viral. And we never saw it coming.

aldi fall flannel shirt candle

The Huntington Home Fall Flannel Shirt Candle was released the week of August 25, 2o21, and brought hilarious posts from our members with photos of their favorite celebrities, crushes, and partners in flannel shirts.

Others hoped buying and burning THE CANDLE would conjure love with a handsome lumberjack or hot woodswoman.

If nothing else, the posts on the Flannel Shirt Candle were entertaining…and we loved every minute of it from our Aisle of Shame family — they truly are the most fun and clever members of any Facebook community!

And finally, the MOST VIRAL ALDI FIND from the Aisle of Shame in 2021…

The #JesusErin Table!!#jesuserin table comment

First, a little background on how the #JesusErin Table came to be.

Aldi released the Belavi Patio Dining Table for $169.99 the week of August 18th, 2021. Because of its higher price point at Aldi, especially for an outdoor patio table, we would have never predicted its popularity … Until our Aisle of Shame Facebook members bought the table and used it INSIDE as a traditional dining room table.

aldi wood patio table

Suddenly the $169.99 price point was a steal for an Acacia wood tabletop and sturdy modern block base that fit with almost any decor. Our group members even used a wood sealer and added a table runner or centerpiece to cover the pre-cut umbrella hole in the center… Voila! 

So how did THE patio table become the #JesusErin table?

Aisle of Shame group member Erin Bagdasarian shared a screenshot between her husband that went viral. Having found THE table at her local Aldi, and already having three tables at home, she texted him “Now we have a table for the kids to eat at and people when they come over…..?”.

His response?

“Jesus Erin” followed by “We don’t have chairs”. And that’s where #JesusErin was born in the community.

original #jesuserin post on aisle of shame facebook group

After that, EVERYONE referenced their Aldi patio table as the #JesusErin table. Making it by far, the most viral Aldi Find from the Aisle of Shame in 2021.

We already can’t wait to see the next round of viral Aldi Finds for 2022! 


  1. Do they ever bring things like the Black Jumper. Also are they listed as viral or do they become that way?

  2. Yes!!!! I agree with all that, and am proud to have been a participant. Special thanks to Erin and her hubby for a great time.

  3. I am relatively a new Aldi’s shopper and AOS participant. So happy to enjoy both! Smiles left and right; and great ideas on supper!

  4. My shoe size is 6, I would love to be able to get some of the cute shoes! Would it be possible to have smaller than 7s?

  5. You showed my #JesusErin table!!! I am so honored! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!????????❤️❤️????????

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