Aldi is Selling a 64-ounce Pineapple Sipper, and We’re Lining Up Now

This Aldi Pineapple Sipper is going to be perfect for a day at the pool!

We are definitely in the heat of summer in my area already, and that calls for plenty of cool drinks. Our 16-ounce insulated tumblers are cute and all, but when we’re trying to hang out in our Aldi pool all day, we still need to make a lot of trips to the kitchen for refills.

But once again, the wonderful people at Aldi are showing us they feel our pain.

They’re bringing us some giant insulated cups so that we can stay hydrated much longer.

These Cool Gear-brand sippers hold 64 ounces!

That is half a gallon, people. Half. A. Gallon.

Aldi pineapple sipper

And if you thought these giant insulated cups would be utilitarian looking, not to worry.

These cups are adorbs.

Our favorite, of course, is the Aldi pineapple sipper. There’s also a watermelon sipper, and a more manly beer stein.

We could not believe the price on these Cool Gear tumblers! We have seen them priced at $21.95 on Amazon, and $19.95 at Walmart, but at Aldi they will be priced at $4.99. That’s basically 75 percent off for the exact same thing.

These Cool Gear sippers are due in the Aisle of Shame beginning July 8, and we’re pretty sure people from our Aldi Aisle of Shame Community will be lining up for them that morning!

What a great deal!

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