An In-depth Guide to Aldi’s Spice Collection

Aldi has acquired a cult following in the United States, and it is no surprise. Its long commitment to providing low-priced groceries over the years has hooked fans to the store. Moreover, they have high-quality products with no added MSG, which will win you over.

Aldi started as a grocery store in Germany in the 1900s and now has more than 2000 stores in the U.S.

If you are a spice lover, you may wonder if Aldi stocks spices and if they have variety. Are they cheaper than other stores? To answer this and more, read on;

Aldi Spices

Does Aldi Sell Herbs and Spices?

Yes. Aldi has quite an extensive selection of spices; hence, you may be confused about what to go for. The prices are also pretty affordable, with some staples such as paprika and garlic powder from their Stonemill brand going for one-third the price at other stores.

Aldi’s spices are also high-quality and elevate any food from regular to sophisticated with one teaspoon.

Who Makes Spices at Aldi?

Aldi sells spices under the Stonemill and Simply Nature brands, which are trademarks and brands of Aldi stores.

It sells dairy, fresh produce, spices, frozen meat, seafood, snacks, bread, and pantry essentials from its Simply Nature Brand. Products in the Simply Nature line are free of artificial colors, MSG, and partially hydrogenated oils(PHOs).

Aldi’s Stonemill brand deals with spices and seasonings such as black pepper, peppercorn, sea salt, chili seasoning, minced garlic, seasoned salt, and processed herbs.

What Spices Does Aldi Sell?

Aldi stocks a wide variety of spices. Below are some of the spices stocked on the store’s shelves;

  • Simply Nature Organic Chili powder
  • Simply Nature Organic Garlic powder
  • Simply Nature Organic Crushed Red Pepper
  • Simply Nature Organic Ground Cayenne
  • Simply Nature Organic Ginger
  • Simply Nature Organic Ground Cumin
  • Simply Nature Organic Ground Cinnamon
  • Simply Nature Organic Stir in Paste Assorted Varieties
  • Simply Nature Organic Ground Turmeric
  • Simply Nature Organic Oregano Leaves
  • Stonemill Assorted Chili Mix
  • Stonemill Crushed Red Pepper
  • Stonemill Chili Powder
  • Stonemill Garlic Powder
  • Stonemill Everything Bagel Seasoning
  • Stonemill Ground Cumin
  • Stonemill Ground Cinnamon
  • Stonemill Garlic Salt with Parsley
  • Stonemill Ground Black Pepper
  • Stonemill Minced Garlic in Water or Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Stonemill Lemon Pepper Seasoning
  • Stonemill Iodized Table Salt
  • Stonemill Italian Seasoning
  • Stonemill Parsley Flakes
  • Stonemill Oregano Leaves
  • Stonemill Minced Onion
  • Stonemill Onion Powder
  • Stonemill Salt-Free Seasonings Assorted Varieties
  • Stonemill Paprika
  • Stonemill Peppercorn Grinder
  • Stonemill Sea Salt Grinder or Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder
  • Stonemill Seasoned Salt

Stonemill Steak Seasoning

Aldi has also unleashed three new seasonings similar to Trader Joe’s. They come in handy, especially if you live far from Trader Joe’s and want to enjoy these highly praised seasonings. They include Umami Seasoning, Elote Seasoning, and Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning and are priced at only $1.95.

Umami Seasoning Elote Seasoning

Aldi fans cannot get enough of these, as they are seasonal and tend to be sold out in a flash. They pair well with basically everything: eggs, burgers, chicken, or fish. Be sure to try them out the next time they are stocked at Aldi!

How Much Are Spices At Aldi?

Aldi sells its Stonemill spices for 95 cents per container; thus, they are pretty affordable. Its Simply Nature Organic line also goes for $1.95, quite affordable for organic spices.

Buying spices at Aldi is generally cheaper than buying them at other grocery stores. For example, similar size containers of Walmart’s brand spices retail at around 98 cents, which is more expensive than Aldi.

Aldi’s low prices should not be mistaken to mean low-quality products, as they are of high quality and have high standards.

Aldi Spices Review

Aldi spices are loved by its customers, with many people stocking up on them every time they go shopping. For less than $2, it is a pretty good deal!

Below are some customer product reviews;

Aldi Spices Review


Are Aldi spices good?

Aldi spices are of high quality and quite affordable. They have an extensive stock of spices; hence it will be difficult to miss your favorite types.

Are Aldi spices gluten-free?

Yes, Aldi’s spices are gluten-free. Usually, spices do not contain gluten, but a non-gluten anti-caking agent such as calcium silicate, sodium aluminum silica, or silicon dioxide may be added. In some cases, spices can have wheat flour or wheat starch to reduce cost and prevent caking. For example, it is pretty common to find ground spices like turmeric, curry powder, and cinnamon with gluten. Therefore, the best way to be sure is to always check for the certified gluten-free seal on the products.

Does Aldi have Indian spices?

Aldi stocks curry powder, which is an Indian spice. They also stock Specially Selected Curry sauce Tikka Masala which is seasonal and usually available during the bi-yearly Asian week at the store.

Does Aldi have salt-free seasoning?

Yes, Aldi sells salt-free seasoning in assorted types. They include the original, garlic and herb, lemon pepper, and table blend varieties.

Does Aldi sell McCormick?

Yes, Aldi sells McCormick spices such as cloves, bay leaves, and cinnamon sticks. However, a few reports show Aldi’s spices are manufactured at the same place as McCormick; hence, they are basically the same.

Does Aldi sell garam masala?

Aldi UK sells Stonemill Garam Masala, but it is not available in its U.S. stores. However, you can use curry powder as a substitute, which works pretty well.


Aldi’s spice collection is vast and caters to everyone’s preferences. It is hard to miss out on your favorite spice with its massive collection. Their affordability will also keep you coming back for more. If you need to get your spice rack restocked, Aldi is the store to go to. What are you waiting for?

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