All The Aldi Halloween Stuff Coming In October

We’ve got the scoop on all the Aldi Halloween stuff on the way!

Halloween fans, we’ve got some Hocus Pocus for you today!

Aldi is giving us a sneak peek of all the fun Halloween items coming to stores in the month of October.

From pumpkin-shaped pasta to carnivorous plants to pet costumes, you’re going to find plenty of must-haves in the Aisle of Shame!

Mama Cozzi’s Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Pizza – Week of Oct. 7

aldi pumpkin pizza

Benton’s Chocolate Haunted House Cookie Kit – Week of Oct. 7

aldi haunted house cookie kit

Crane Adult Halloween Union Suit – Week of Oct. 7

aldi adult halloween costume

Crofton Halloween Coffee Mug – Week of Oct. 7

crofton halloween mug

Lily & Dan Children’s Halloween Union Suits – Week of Oct. 7

aldi halloween costumes

Huntington Home Halloween 3-Wick Candles – Week of Oct. 7

aldi halloween candles

Venus Fly Trap – Week of Oct. 7

venus fly trap at Aldi

Men’s or Ladies 2-Pack Halloween Socks – Week of Oct. 7

Aldi halloween socks

Barissimo Halloween Coffee – Week of Oct. 14

halloween coffee at aldi

Reggano Halloween Shaped Pasta – Week of Oct. 14

aldi halloween pasta

Simply Nature Halloween Fruit Squeezies – Week of Oct. 14

halloween fruit squeezies

Cool Gear Halloween Cans – Week of Oct. 14

cool gear halloween can

Heart to Tail Halloween Crunchy Dog Treats – Week of Oct. 14

halloween crunchy dog treats

Heart to Tail Halloween Large Frosted Dog Bone – Week of Oct. 14

Aldi halloween dog bone

Halloween Squishmallow – Week of Oct. 14

halloween squishmallow

Heart to Tail Pet Halloween Costume – Week of Oct. 14

aldi pet costumes

Heart to Tail Halloween Cat Scratching Playhouse – Week of Oct. 14

halloween cat scratching playhouse

Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving & Stencil Kit – Week of Oct. 14

aldi pumpkin carving kit

Glowing Succulent – Week of Oct. 21

glowing succulent

How much of this Aldi Halloween stuff will be going into your cart? Let us know what’s on your list in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community!



  1. I wish that the stores would get more of these items and not put them out all at once. Last year we wanted to get 2 of the avent calendars for my grandkids, we were told that a woman had gone in when they first opened and brought all that they had. Yesterday we went and we got the last 3 candles, the last skull mug, and the last 2 black pumpkin mugs. I wanted to get one of the pumpkin decorating kits, but they were all gone, someone bought all of them.

  2. I know it’s not Halloween, but i have a question, my great grandson absolutely loves the skeleton pajamas i purchased in October, I cannot find similar one piece pajamas and since he has simply grown out of them I wish I could replace with larger size (xs or 6T) Can you please tell me if they might be available somewhere? Your reply would be greatly appreciated..([email protected])

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